Lately I've been having dreams of having sex with my male bo

Lately I've been having dreams of having sex with my male boss at work who is married and is 40 years old while I am in a lesbian relationship and am only 26. I have no sexual feeling for him but it keeps happening. I'm not sure why my mind would think of that. :( anyone have any suggestions

It's your subconscious. You can't control it. You cannot feel guilty for something you can't control. I hope this is not bad advice but you have to realize that dreams cannot be controlled.

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Treat it like breeze blowing thru. The dream will pass and yourfocus will change.

Dreams are uncontrollable. but dreams also can give us an inside view of something that we yearn for in life. Take this how you want but maybe it could mean that there is some naughtiness you are yearning for in your current relationship or maybe you are searching for something you lost with your dad when you were a child. I hope you don't get all wrapped up in a dream that you can not control but some things are better left at wonder.!

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I read somewhere that sex dreams are just a product of your desire to get to know someone more or be closer to them, in general. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Take it as a sign that you just want to be a better worker, you really just want to be on his level, you are really just wanting him to take you under his leadership and grow you professionally. It isn't really sexual, don't let it make either of your relationships strange.

Yeah I'm not letting it affect me while at work. I just found it unreal I would dream that :)

maybe you really just want a older guy...some dreams are sinple