Lately, I've just been angry like I'm always angry I didn't

Lately, I've just been angry like I'm always angry I didn't have my medication for a month and it got worse I'm on my meds now but I'm just always angry. I'll have so much energy and then crash and then ill have none I hate it. I can't sleep by the time I fall asleep its 4 am and I'm woken up to get my sister dressed. whenever my mom can't handle anything she throughs it on me and then says I don't help. My mom and I have always had a toxic relationship but it's got better now it's getting worse again. I am so tired that I'll sleep all day not every day but most days. I have disappointed my parents I finally heard my mom admit it tonight hearing it hurt but it's true. I gave up I dropped out of school but it was too toxic for me to go every day. I'm just tired.

Do your doctors know how much you are suffering and how the medication is barely helping? They can't help or change things if they don't know.

@CKBlossom yea my doctor knows he just goes higher on the doses. he gave me medication to sleep and I hate taking it I sleep but I wake up feeling like I didn’t sleep at all. I’ve been on and off medication and therapy for 7 years and I guess I’m still trying to figure it out. but I don’t wanna rely on medication even though I know I will.