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@angelgirl Wow, another good post angel! You are on a role tonight, I love your posts! Why do we wait, when we know, that Love doesn't lived here anymore? Remember, that song SG friends? When we know it's over, why do we still hanged around, hoping that things are going to change...... It's hasn't, when we been in the relationship, for awhile? Hit the road Jack! Thanks Angel for an eye-opening post. Hugs, my friend.

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@Irma Thank you Irma my friend. I am so happy that you like them I stayed because I wanted to be loved and also was convinced that no one else would want me. Hugs :slight_smile:

And dare to dine when it is..

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@Sir_Eric_of_Weird true I agree :slight_smile:

So true. Tonight I realized that my daughter no longer loves me. I'm nothing but a pest to her. I have to leave the table. Hard to do.

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@LizaBLUE I understand how you feel I had 2 of my 3 kid treat me that way. They seem to be coming around now after I just let go and stayed away. :slight_smile: Hugs my friend

Thanks for the hugs. She's my only child and my heart is breaking. She and I used to be so close. She sends me a text "We were just sitting down to eat dinner!" Like, oh sorry - my bad timing? When my dad stopped by, and we were sitting down to eat -- I'd make a pot of coffee for him (he loved the stuff!) and invited him to sit with us -- to have a plate of food if he was hungry. I was ALWAYS happy to see my dad. My mom died when I was 18 so I have lived most of my life without a mom. My daughter acts like she'd like to live without a mom. I'm such an awful pest. I have been sick for 8 days --- she knew that because I couldn't babysit for her --- but she never once called or texted to see how I was doing. I am pretty sure I could die now and my funeral would be a huge pain in the ***, and she'd find something better to do, like play video games with her loser, unemployed babydaddy. I think he's colonized her brain. I have to give up and it's really hard to step back. Tell me how you managed it.

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@LizaBLUE support me and we can pm each other

I love Nina! Wow this is so powerful

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@Beyondjmyl I agree it is very powerful :slight_smile:

@CKarma I can relate :slight_smile: