Learning this site

I have my quit date picked, joined this site, and now I am trying to learn how to post here. I think I have figured it out now! :-)

You're doing great...welcome. You can do this. Believe that is true and you are half way there. I quit 25 years ago and quitting remains one of the top achievements of my life! I ended up with chronic lung problems and I wonder what kind of shape I would be in if I was still lighting up. I can tell you what I did. First of all I prayed to God because I knew I could not do it alone. I asked Him to fight this for me. Every time I had a craving I would say not right now and I would pray to God and remind him(remind me) that I needed Him to fight for me. I was married to a smoker that was mad I quit because he said I was going to get grumpy, fat and want him to quit. He made me so mad I set out to prove him wrong which was the best support for me! Thinking about never smoking was too overwhelming an idea for me so I would say I'm just not going to have one today or this minute. I cut up vegetables and put them in fridge to snack on. I didn't sit around. I cleaned my house top to bottom throwing out junk. When weather warmed I put in flower beds. When it started getting cold I took a ceramics class and everyone got a cermaic gift that year for Christmas! LOL It worked..I had to keep my mind and hands busy all the time.

Oops posted my comment twice!