Let my life be a cautionary tale If you take Adderall for ye

Let my life be a cautionary tale If you take Adderall for years.

I have always had bad ADHD. Around 36yrs. Of age, I found Adderall. After 3 years of playing with baby doses, I decided it was a good idea to go full force into more. After 2 yrs. Of that, I decided to cut back. I spent 2 years trying to stop. Then finally did.

After all my efforts with adderall, trying to get ahead in life, all it did was make everything worse.

Now, I'm just coming back from another dentist appointment.

Thanks to Adderall, I am spending money I don't have Trying to save my teeth.

Adderall sucks all the water out of your body. That means hair, teeth, muscles, skin.

Be prepared to look older than you are and have No teeth. Saggy skin and loose muscles.

I know you think you can't function without it. I thought the same. Just be prepared for the consequences. I thought I was fine, until I wasn't. Js...

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As far as medication, is there any other option?

@CKBlossom I know there are other options. I can only speak on the one I took. I would suggest looking at any other possible treatments before meds. I took L-tyrosine to come off adderall and I think it works for alertness and focus.