Let out your feelings

I tried suppressing my feelings and emotions over the past few weeks and put on a happy/brave face throughout my tough time. I realized that all this did was a lot more harm than good. Instead of getting to the root of it and nipping it in the bud, I pushed it further and further down. Yesterday it all came boiling over, so I vented everything out to a family member, hung up the phone and had a good cry. Once I stopped crying, I felt this huge weight lifted up and off of me. I literally felt lighter. It was pretty unbelievable.

So next time something is bothering you; whether you are stressed, depressed, or upset...share it with someone who you love and trust. Talking out your thoughts and feelings is far healthier than suppressing them. You'll notice such a massive difference in how you feel.

puppy- sorry you had a bad day, but you are very right, we shouldn’t hold in out emotions. we feel things for a reason and if we are stressed, upset, sad, mad whatever we may be we need to honor those feelings and work through them. hope you’re having a great day!

Dear friend, life is a mystery and how many times we try to analyze and to unlock the mystery of human behavior and understand why things are the way they are. God sends messages to us through different people, sometimes even strangers say something that makes sense. There is a saying, no man is an island and that is the truth. We need people in your lives that we can share our feeling, our uncertainties and our dreams. I wish, from my heart, that your troubles will go away and your dreams will come true. God bless you always.

hey i am sorry you had a bad day. i think that the best way to make yourself feel better is to just let everything out. its what i do.

I am glad that you see that letting it out is a lot better than holding things in. I often hold things in because when I talk about things I often start crying and I used to get in trouble for that as a kid so I sometimes feel worse afterword. That is one thing I really like about sites like this. No one can hear me cry but I can say what ever I need to. Often after putting things in writing I then can talk more calmly about it.

What if you don't have anyone you can let it out to?

If for any reason you can’t talk to some one. Write and don’t look back, because then you have to relive it. Just write. This will help you feel a little better. You can buy note books from dollar stores and they are real good ones too. I don’t know why it is that God placed us on this earth and so many of us hurt. I wish that the world was a kind place and we could be good to each other. Don’t feel alone here you can always ask and someone will be willing to help.

Thank you so much for all of your wonderfully supportive and caring responses, it truly means so much to me. Letting things out in a way and form that works for you is really the key. Everyone has their own outlet, but it's important to have a healthy and positive one rather than turning to negative outlets.

Maria1979, if you don't have anyone to turn to, have you tried meditation or a good cry on your own. I've done both and they're equally effective. Also, writing everything out is such a good outlet. There are many other options of what can work without having to vent out to another person. I've done all of the above and they are equally effective.

I appreciate your response. I have cried and cried since yesterday and I tried meditaion, but I can't get focused. I do write a lot and it does help temporarily but then it all comes back and when i have to deal with reality, it is just too difficult and I get back into depression, crying and just trying to sleep.

I spoke with my family on the phone today and that helped, but I wish someone was here to listen to me and to comfort me and to hug me. What do you do when you need that physical comfort and there is nobody there? Where do you turn to?

Maria1979, I am so sorry for what you have been going through. There have been times where I have been in a deep depression and needed someone to talk to, and no one was available in the moment. So, I have really learned other ways to get it out such as meditation, writing and running. All of these outlets really help me work through my issues. Also, honestly, this Site has been a huge blessing, because I am not only able to write out what's on my mind, but I receive a plethora of support and love. Have you shared what's going on with you here?

If you don't have anyone to let it out to just let it out by writing it on here, yelling it to the walls around you, writing or drawing on some paper...Even if no one hears or sees it, letting it out helps a lot.

Absolutely Krazy2001, that is so very true. I've let it all out on my own where I've cried and yelled it out a bit. It really does feel good once you're done.

I think it is so very important to discuss your feelings. It has helped me even more when my depression rears its ugly head to write about each feeling a experience. The journal entrys offer great insight into warning signs, triggers, and what caused the depression.

Claire.haglund, thank you so much for sharing and I am so glad that you have such a great outlet. It's really all about nipping it in the bud before it starts to fester and then possibly spiral out of control.

We have to find ways to vent from time to time or it will eat us up inside. Try to write, scream in a pillow and crying is not bad. It does some good to let it out. If there is some one who you can talk to who does not mind give them a call.

Wanting to get ..., you are absolutely right. There are so many options and ways to vent out our feelings, but if there is someone to talk to, then that's always a great option. I have several ways that work for me...somehow a good cry always gets it all out, as well as writing out my feelings.

When I was in the hospital someone talked about "morning pages" when you get up writing what ever comes into your head and then either not saving the pages or saving them but not looking at them for a long time. Basicly a way to get thoughts out

That's such a great daily practice to instill Krazy2001, thank you so much for the recommendation.