Let's create a giant list!

Let's create a giant list of ways to cope with anxity and panic attacks!
I'll put the first 5 things up.
1. Sort through things.
2.Get out of the house, unless it's too late out or your fear relates to going outside.
3. Talk to someone.
4. Read really girly-chick-flick-y realistic fiction novels. This always helps for me.
5. Make a cup of un-caffinated tea, and listen to some music.

Do yoga, deep breathing exercises

Watch a favorite comedy.

this is a fantastic idea! Making a list of what i'm stressed about is so important for me. Oftentimes I spend hours upon hours stressing over certain things and trying to push them away when in reality it would take much less time to just deal with the things in the first place.

The second important thing for me is to start the day off slowly with a good breakfast. I choose to live in a house with roommates because that forces me to get up and engage with people right off the bat. And yes, it is something that is not particularly easy for me, but my need to eat greatly outweighs my fears in this particular situation. Once i'm "warmed up" talking to my roommates and having a good breakfast social interaction through-out the rest of the day is much easier.

Third, pausing and breathing. This is something that I do constantly whether it be pausing and remembering to breathe when talking to someone or when I notice signs of anxiety/stress in my body. I find that so many times the person that I am talking to is just as nervous, specially in pressure situations like interviews, and this is supremely comforting to me. It also allows me to relate to people much better and listening fully.

Exercise is absolutely critical for me. I sleep better, breathe better, feel better, look better, etc. etc. when I am actively training.

Acceptance. I am who I am. I like spending a day off at home, watching tv all day or reading, listening to music, etc. For years I would feel so guilty and really get down on my self for this and other isolating behaviors, but hey it's who I am and what I like to do and I'm ok with that. Truly accepting things I do has lifted so much weight off my shoulders.

Laughing and smiling...I have to remind myself to do this and purposely don't watch certain shows when I'm feeling happy so that I can have them to make me laugh when I'm feeling down.

Finally music.