Letting out frustration

I finally told my mom how frustrating it has been that I was told I was just being lazy growing up and that I was not trying hard enough instead of people figuring out that I was dyslexic like my oldest brother. She didn't really say much back but it did make me feel better finally saying something. I also mentioned that the agenesis of the corpus calosum affected my learning. I had not told her about it but from her lack of reaction I think my sister (a doctor) who I had talk to about it must have told her. I had not told her not to or that I was not telling her because I did not want to worry her.

I am so happy to hear that you were able to confront your mom and stand up for yourself. It's sometimes easier for people to criticize us rather than to provide positive reinforcement. And, I am so happy that you understand about your dyslexia now. It is always so wonderful to gain insight and understanding as to why we have certain attributes, and you are now able to do so.

I think I will be a lot less stressed when talking to her now because I will not have to be so careful about what I talk about. She has always been able to tell when I say I am fine and am not really. I am going to try to keep telling her more a little bit at a time.

I am so happy for you and so proud of you for making this breakthrough with your mom. Isn't it so invigorating and freeing? You can now be yourself and really share your feelings openly.

I think a lot of times I am so worried about how people will react and then find out that those who matter always end up being so supportive and those that are not supportive are those that are not really good people to be in my life so that I should still be causous but be more open.

It's always good to err with caution when trusting and opening up with someone. There are only a handful of people that I trust implicitly and would share just about anything with. With all others, it really takes a lot of time for me to open up and trust them. I only started opening up with my 2 closest girlfriends recently. We've known one another for a couple of years. I used to open up to other friends, but they lost my trust, so I am very closed off with them now.

I am lucky that I do have one friend who used to be a therapist that I an talk to about things. I have only known her through the internet. She participates in a site I go to that we also meet for events in person but she lives to far away to come to the events. The other people who I thought were good friends also are on this site but we do not talk or get together anymore because she now says I am not a friend. It is mostly because one person did not tell me that my issues were too much for her or that she felt like I was taking advantage of her kindness so I did not know things were a problem and she convinced others to not be my friends anymore also since they were her friends.

i dont mean to jump in off topic but i saw someone was online and maybe could help me i need to delete my account i got what i came here for and i just want to delete the account now

To delete the acct I think you need to message the administrator. Why not keep the account in case you want to say something later? You can have the sight not email you when people respond to posts that you have posted on.

Uhoh, I am so sorry that you're leaving us. Email the Site Admin and they will help you with the process. Best of luck with everything.

how do i eamil the site admin

just responded to you in our other post; contact Vic, he'll be able to help you.