Lexapro experiences?

I went into a new Dr (after not having a primary Dr for YEARS)... had a panic attack in his office and told him my whole story about my INSANE life and he gave me a bunch of Lexapro samples, told me to take one 10 mg tablet a day. I will ask the Dr tomorrow, but my head feels hot on the inside, and I am EXHAUSTED all day... anybody else feel this on these meds when they first started taking them? did your Dr start you on 10 mg or did he start with a lower dose? I'm thinking I should have startedon 5 or something and worked my way up. what are the side effects you guys have had on these meds?

I use to take lexapro, and it sucked. It made me more depressed. But the symptoms i had were the tiredness, the anxiety, the depression. It just wasnt a good medicine for me. But im taking a new medicine now called "lithium" . And its amazing! It works really well for me. but then again, thats just me , we may not have the same kind of depression thatll be treated the same way with the same meds. And i was started out on 20 mg. So yeah . I would ask to get off that med ASAP. especially if its making you have those symptoms. But other than that, is it helping your depression? Because if it is, then ask your doctor, to give you medicine to help the symptoms go away. Hope i helped!

I've only been on it three days, so it haven't done anything yet, and in all honesty, no pill is going to make my mess go away... but hopefully it will help with the depression that was there BEFORE all of this crap happened... so at least as things get better I will start to feel better... I had been thinking for years of getting on something but with the recent stuff that has been happening it was all too much and I needed something NOW. but being depressed AND tired with two babies and so much on my plate I don't know if this is better or worse.

Your right, it wont take away your problems, but when you find the right medicine , it will help alot to ease the depression. And also, if youve been on it for only 3 days, maybe you should give it a chance, and see how things go. And yes, it is tough being a mother,( not that i would know, but i can imagine). And medicine and therapy have to work together to get you mentally stable again. Are you taking one on one therapy? or group therapy?

no... i should... my mom can't be objective and my inlaws are losing their minds themselves because of it all...I need someone objective.

im on lexapro myself with klonipan (to help with the side effects) im pretty happy with it. the only thing is i have weird side effects such as increase in hunger..and i dont feel 100% myself. but my doc said i should give it some time..im only on it for about 7 weeks, lets see what happens!

Hello, I was on Lexapro for 5 years, and I found it very helpful. I find it unusual that you are experiencing side effects so soon. It can take a week or two to build up in your bloodstream before it can become effective. Lithium is generally prescribed for bipolar disorder, and has many, many adverse side effects. In fact it is rarely prescribed anymore for those reasons. When I lost my insurance, I couldn't afford Lexapro anymore, and was prescribed Celexa, which i've been told 'is very close'. But it didn't work for me. Give it another week, and if you still don't feel right contact your doctor. And honey, give yourself a break. Twins? That must be a lot of hard work. I'm sure you take care of them and see it as an effort of love. But it is no wonder you are so tired. Try and take a little time out for yourself once in a while.... everyday would be even better. Peace*