Life as a 16 year old and 6 kids

hi, al of you ar thinking wow wat led her to this. well my mom and dad got into a car accident and past away. my 8month old sister has bee really fuzzy and not sleeping at all. my doctor said it was branin caner well it wasnt it was autism i was wondering wat i could do to cure her from this. amn how did he get it i want to haveth e best life she can


You are only 16 and there are 6 kids you have to take care of?

Wow. My family takes care of me because I can't.

I am sorry your mom and dad died. Makes it harder to take care of a special child.

I am glad it is not brain cancer.

I have Autism but the doctor told me if you have something wrong with your brain it cannot be cured. However there are people who may help to ease the problem. Have you tried looking for brain medicines to help boost brain power? If you are dumb like me.

sadly u cant cure autisum but u can do a lot to help those who sufer from it.

as she is still a baby why not make a sensory garden of her toys and sounds, put different textures together so she can feel them and use simple sounds like a dog barking with the appropriate toy and say "DOGGY"

as she gets older u can do other things to help but there are several types of autisum, ranging from the mild to severe one thing to keep an eye on is all autistic children seem to zone out at times seeing things others cant see but this is normal and not something to be worried about

keep postin and chattin

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes