Life is 30% of what happens to us and 70% on how we handle i

Life is 30% of what happens to us and 70% on how we handle it. I didn't hear this until late in life. So I was always reactive, hurt and emotionally bankrupt. I've since learned how to set boundaries and say, 1st time shame on you, 2nd time shame on me! Self-worth and care is not allowing someone or something to pull you out of character. I choose Peace and Love. So when others go low in situations, I'm taking the Highway to by-pass the foolishness. Taking care of the child within while settling the score going forward. Adulting! : )

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Glad you are recognizing what to pay attention to and what to just dump. My issue is that I am still learning how to stop ruminating on ppl who decided it was ok to bully me. Time heals a lot of things but we must refill our tanks with support and love from wonderful & caring friends. I just don't have enough of those and it's tough always being your only/own support after decades....

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@Littlesis7 One day you will stop, bc you'll recognize that they had issues too. I never liked people who took advantage of others I would speak up for them when at times I should've been minding my business. You'll also come to like the idea that your circle is small. Less knives you'll have to pull out your back. You can have a hand full of people you'll call friends and recognize you only really had one. This site has been a great replacement for what I thought I was lacking. Social interaction. So hang in there, keep sharing and supporting others, we have all that we probably can handle at this moment in our lives. : )

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@DearPeace thank you for your great response and insight. It’s interesting that I’m improving at what you say–realizing that they had issues also.