Life is so hard. When to give up and when to keep pushing

Life is so hard. When to give up and when to keep pushing. Like a never ending battle. I just want happiness

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Giving up is not an option. Life is beautiful. There's so much more to life than the obstacles. Keep Pushing!

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I am still looking at this with newly diagnosed eyes. So today I see the doctor I am told no way will I die from this, and I might never have full blown AIDS. I will die of something else. Well I also made the conclusion, what I wanted out of second half of life was destroyed with that diagnosis. If at anytime God wants to take me, even now then come get me. In some way we all feel like are special on this earth and only we know why, but I lost that forever. In Some way this thinking I am OK if I get Toxo from the cat and die tomorrow, I even welcome it, well I am not afraid of death so much and hey isn't that what really made us so scared of HIV to begin with? Hmmm.

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@NTampaman yes