Life isn't worth it

I don’t see any point in trying. Life is just so terrible and miserable

Little moments of joy don’t make the b******t worth it

Hey, it’s been like a year since we talked. I just remember and decided to log in here and see how you’re doing

Not great sadly

That’s not good, especially after so long

Yeah. I’ve tried some different medications and other things but nothing has helped

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Any therapy?

Not in over a year

Can you DM on here anymore?

Click on my name and click chat(message bubble icon).

What you said was my life for around 35 years, every minute of every hour of every day, peppered very occasionally with a laugh or the sight of something nice.

I really wanted to die and be reborn in a different body/person and life. Around 99% of the time, I just went through the mechanics/motions of living but never knowing why. I suppose I was hoping something would come along to change my life but nothing ever did.
i tried drugs, books, therapy and mild electro shock treatment, but nothing worked for me.

But I found the answer after I decided to act for myself. I also realised why the above drugs/therapy/treatments can’t ever work.

I discovered a great many things, my eyes opened up and these things changed my life and ended my suffering.

Every person is the architect of their own state of mind - there are two states: suffering and not suffering - even if a person is not aware of this. Hard as it may be for you and others to read this, you choose to suffer. Yes, its 100% true, Suffering is a choice.

We are taught all kinds of things at school/college, but what we need to learn above all other things is what is in our mind and no-one teaches us that. Once you understand the many things that are in your mind, what is real/true and what is not, you will have the choice to continue suffering as you are now, or end your suffering.

In order to change how you feel, you need to ask yourself;
“What I am willing to do to have peace and happiness, all the time?”

I can help you but you must want to change, because one person cannot help another who does not want help,