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I have no idea what group this would fit in. It is simply a list of current stresses building up. My automobile has been in for repair since 26 September. The reason that I still am waiting to get it back is because the repair place is waiting for a transmission belt that they needed to order from Japan. Because it takes 1/2 hour to drive to work, walking is not an option. However, in order to take the very first city bus to work, I need to walk an hour to the bus terminal and ride the bus for another hour and 1/2 to get to work. To go home, I ride the bus for 1/2 hour back to the terminal, wait 1/2 hour for another bus and ride that bus for 1/2 hour to get home. No, I am not paying for taxi or uber twice a day. The bus rides cost $2/day. The closest thing that I have to a social life is with other women in group exercises at the YMCA. There is a a bus that could get me there, but not until all group exercises are over. So, I have not been able to go there since September. I have always used laundromats and had a hamper with wheels. One of the wheels broke off. I was close to Family Dollar when it broke, so bought a new one from there. The wheels did not last through the two miles to the laundromat. I needed to go out of my way on the way back home to get a hand truck from Home Depot to strap the bag of laundry to. At home, the central AC/heat is leaking water. I need to contact and pay someone to repair it and take that day off to let them in. I signed up with health insurance from Alliance, but received paperwork from Cigna that I had signed up for insurance from them.

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First, welcome to our site. This is a whole lot that you are dealing with. We can only imagine that renting a car would be expensive while your car is waiting for the part from Japan, but would it be more ideal than walking and buses? Although maybe the walk is now your exercise? Does your city have those scooters you can rent? Or what about a bike?

Stress is such a killer, it holds you down and it feels like you are carrying around an elephant on your back. Try to write down everything you are dealing with. Then try to divide how to fix it in more manageable chunks.

Please keep posting, we are here for you.


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There isn’t a lot you can do to change problems whose resolutions are outside of your skill set, like for instance, your car needing a belt that must be imported. So try to stop worrying about the things you have no direct control over, and the things you can resolve (even if the resolution is still a real pain in the “you know what”), go ahead and do the best you can, starting with the easiest since it’s more likely that you can resolve simpler things more easily, and the sense of accopomplishment will go a long way to making you feel less harried. Buy some of those plug-ins or an fragrance oil diffuser to give your house a wonderful smell; pick a simple improvement you always mean to do, but never get around to, but that would up the love frequency in your home just by the way it makes you feel. ACCEPT that this is a bad time for you, and find the lesson in it. This is the first step to transforming lemons into lemonade. Nothing happens in a vaccuum; there is always a reason, even though the difficulties seem mundane and commonplace, for the things we go through. What is the universe attempting to call your attention to?

Welcome back to the site and thank you for the amazing support on this post. -SG

Yep, that is a lot of stress and lot going on that just sucks. Would your insurance cover help cover a rental?

Any update on your car? -SG