Like i’m disgusting with an outbreak and i feel my boyfrie

like i’m disgusting with an outbreak and i feel my boyfriend will leave me now with this diagnosis

@madzie213 Welcome to the group. What you are feeling is actually quite common and normal for those of us living with HSV. I don’t know many details of your situation but I do know that HSV is not a life sentence to solitary confinement. Many people have relationships and happy endings etc with HSV, so can you. Good luck

once again, the positive thing about HSV is that it will weed out those less than deserving of you!!
why would you want to be with someone who will NOT support you during your time of need? someone who will fly away at the first sign of trouble?
if he flies, you know all he wanted was sex from you!
if he supports you and loves **ALL OF YOU**, he's a keeper! it will show his integrity and manliness as a great provider for you!!

be strong and accept this as a test!! you don't want a pansy as your teammate in this life!

oh, and i deleted your duplicate post…