Lilac and moongal

I tried to log in today and my account had already gone thru as canceled. I had forgotten that before I posted "how to delete my account", I had already written SG about deleting my account.

Wanted to let you's know that I did not purposely cancel you's out as my support friends.

I'll friend you's. If it doesn't go thru, can you both friend me? Thanks.

I tried to friend you both and it's not going thru.

hmmmm are you sure you wanted it to be deleted???

about the 'friending' section of SG--- it is a weird thing cuz i cannot approve mine (friends). sometimes it works and sometimes it does not..i told the owner about this, but please do not be offended if it doesnt go through to someone...

hope all is well!


I added u!

Ok. Thanks.

you know what, bunny???

i notice on the binge eating segment of support groups--there isnt really a person in charge... hmmmm i must tell vic of this---cause the thing is--it is more active on the main ED site---which is why i became the manager for the bulimia section... to keep up with it all..

im gonna tell him of this and see if he can get a manager going for this part, too... i mean , Vic is the manager now--but it is better when people with EDs are part of this...

cause it isnt fair that you almost deleted your account--so ill tell him( the owner of the site) and to help fix the freind approvals...


Christa33, Ok. You have good ideas.

thanks bunny! hahhaha and you know what?? he liked that idea a lot and now IM THE MANAGER of this (binge eating) site !!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!LOL!

ahhh how funny....

love maureen

That's great. What does being manager mean?

it means i oversee this part of support groups---and i help with questions, and advice, support...

stuff like that...while i might not know exactly what to do all the time---i ll sure as heck try!!!! LOL!!!