Link between particular person and psychotic event?

Is it possible that physical presence of a particular person causes psychotic event? I mean here a person that we have a strong relationship with. Could it be something like a fear of losing that person?

Good question, I've heard that a loved one/close partner can create or try to calm an episode down, not really sure.

I think it's definitely the case. For me, criticism can trigger some of my breaks from reality, and it's even worse when the criticism is from someone close to me. I can take a lot more criticism from people who aren't that close.

I think it can. My fiancee seems to be sensitive to one of my kids, he starts freaking out about about her safety, and he goes into delusions about ppl trying to come into our home and hurt the children. My daughters presencea round him doesn't always trigger it, and she isn't alwaysthe trigger, but he seems to be more sensitive around her anyway. I was actually hoping that someone else had expereinced something similar as far as what or who triggers an episode. All we know for sure, is that too much commotion will cause reality breaks.