Listen to your gut, your heart or your head?

Mmm your gut, heart or head. This came up quite interestingly in a therapy session. Do I listen to what my gut says or do I just plough on through?

Do we listen to it at all? What is the gut? To me it would be that human instinct that tells me that something is a miss...indescribable, but always seems to be "bang on target".

So why do we not listen to our gut? Cos we don't want to?...possibly.
But are we tune with it at all...or more to the point am I?:)

Sometime or gut kicks in, when the heart is overly involved...what then?...I think we know the answer but don't want to admit it.

I think i'm going to give my gut a bigger listen too:)

Love to you
Moongal x

Moongal, such a brilliant post. I think this is such a good point for all of us to focus on and really work to tap into. We all have natural gut instincts that give us an indication whether we are doing something right or wrong. It screams out to us time and time again when we're heading in the wrong direction, though we sometimes ride through those moments and continue times heading straight for disaster.

A close friend and spiritual guide has taught me how to tap into and listen to my gut instincts. She said that we all have this capability, but it takes practice. It's not that we don't have the natural gut instincts, it's practicing listening to our gut when it indicates right or wrong doing. I have been doing this more more and more, and it really works. Though, I still sometimes ride through bad moments and situations for too long, but my gut is always indicating that something's off.

I also believe that if we ask and pray for signs, we are given them time and time again, as to whether we are heading in the right or wrong direction. At times, we don't view them as signs or we just ignore them all together. If you're asking for signs, keep your eyes open for them, because they're there.

Hey Puppy,
Ya I am trying to tune more into myself and realise maybe your gut instinct, is that part that knows that, that road isn't the right one for you. And I think practising a little with it and even if we don't like what it is saying but hearing it out.

Maybe our gut instincts are very primal, i don't know where they came from, but they do seem to hold some position, especially in regard to us and protecting ourselves especially in relationships.

Love to you hun
Moongal x

Absolutely Moongal! They really are the basis of who we are in a sense. It's a naturally installed radar that detects right from wrong. I try to distinguish wanting to run because things get tough, from being on the wrong path. Again, I think that it all takes a lot of practice.

Hey Puppy,
Wish there was an easy way like you could just say body fling my left arm up if it's wrong, and right if it's right:)

But really having begun this process, I am amazed at how much I was ignoring my body, that I was trying to use my head and sometimes my heart to make decisions. Although there was so much pain in there. And your body is not just something you see when you look in the mirror, or other people see, your body is the holder of your emotions, your soul, your thoughts, your fears, your joys, and sadness.
So when we try to ignore our body, we are actually ignoring a lot of ourselves.

I hope this makes sense.
Love you puppy, you are such a joy to know
Moongal x

Wow Moongal, that's so brilliantly said/written. I totally and completely agree with you on all fronts. It would be so fantastic if there was a bright neon sign that flashed when heading in the wrong direction.

Boy oh boy, I was right there with you on ignoring my gut, going with my mind and heart. Ugh, it was quite the path of despair and misery, but I am now better and stronger than ever before. In a strange way, feels like it never happened...guess that's what they call closure...well, guess that's my form of closure.

I'm so delighted you came through that and you are smiling at the end. I think closure is when you leave and you are happy to close that door.

I have no doubt that the experience has made you learn quite a lot about yourself and how resilient you actually are.

It's amazing I landed on this site, battling an ED and all along the way I've learned more and more about myself, and about other people too. It's amazing when you strip yourself down, all the different parts you really are...and never categorise yourself cos everyone of us is so much more than that.

I am now so aware of why I ate that much, that I rarely give into urges (touch wood) as they can no longer fill a void that genuinely does not need to be filled, but needs to be healed.

And I cannot express how much ye guys mean to me.

Love you hunny
Moongal x

Thank you so much Moongal! I literally feel lighter....a massive weight of negativity has truly been lifted. I am beyond thrilled to hear that you have come so far and that this site helped you along in the process. I am right there with you; I've come here with an issue and then really learned a ton about myself in the process. I really think that this site is so amazing and everyone here is such a blessing. To be here with one's own issues and be so selfless as to help others so much is truly incredible.