Listen up peeps! You want to know what I believe the fastest

Listen up peeps! You want to know what I believe the fastest way to become at peace with your new self is? It's simple. TALK ABOUT IT. Talk about with your doctor or your family or your besties or us or anyone that you care about and that you know cares about you. Talking to my friends, talking to this group and talking to the herpes blogging community has been the most effective tactic for me mentally, emotionally and physically. More times then not I actually feel empowered by this situation especially with the knowledge I've gained and the especially the knowledge I have shared with others.

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love it!! as i always post, Knowledge is power and confidence when you know all about it!! so glad you help others here as well AND don't forget to flag & report those spammers here!

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@a_survivor Thank you. My approach is basically since I have this and especially since it’s not going anywhere I may as well try to good with it. Whether it be by helping others cope or informing the general public. You know that whole get lemons make lemonade idea. :slight_smile:

I have an appt to talk to my doc wed. I have this for a long time but recently single. Like 17 mo. Now. I want to ask her so much, I feel so alone. I can't fathom telling get a new partner. Hence why I'm alone :(

Will you share what the doc says?

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So my doc says that hsv doesn't change who I am. It makes a a very small part of me, and that I have so many other things to offer a relationship. That was sweet of her to say. I was kinda wondering about how common it is where I live but she didn't really say. Just that it is common.