"Live for the future ... do not be chained to the past"

"Live for the future ... do not be chained to the past" ...

It is something I said to a member of "SG" yesterday in private ... and it is funny on how those words have come back to me today as I reflect on my own last 365 days ... at the termination of one year and at the crest of a new year beginning.

... May everyone break their chains ...

"Happy New Year" from everyone in "Asgard" ... ;)

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Happy new year!

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@Thor Happy New Year, Thor! Best Wishes to you in 2016!

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@Thor Are you hosting the "cocktails" tonight? Is that the clink of glasses or the rattle of chains? When it thunders, is that really the gods bowling? Does the light stay on when the refrigerator door is closed?... Happy New Year, Dear Heart.

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No … Neither … Sometimes … There is a light?

@ java …

Sorry I am only serving “milk” tonight in “Asgard”. However there is plenty of crushed ice. I am very handy with the “Hammer” … :wink:

Coasters are mandatory of course … ;p

@ java …

Yes relaxing with my ever faithful milk … because they say it does a body good. (Did I just make an advertisement for milk?)

I purchase groceries once a week. You should see how much fun the cashiers have when they see all my milk come down the conveyor-belt at the grocery store as I check out. I have gained a tough skin of course over the years … there is nothing new the cashiers can say to me that I have not already heard before.

Of course if any gets spilled … I try not to cry … ;'(

I cannot put anything past you “java” … chocolate tonight for “New Years” … using chocolate syrup … “shaken … not stirred” … :wink:

I actually did not want to mention the chocolate milk in case everyone started knocking on my door … since I have it bricked-up at the moment.

Thor, happy New Year, Buddy! Love your post!!!

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@Teeny bikini Happy New Year! Best Wishes to you for 2016!

If I have a welcome mat and a Christmas wreath on my door … either I am actually at the wrong apartment … or they both belong to someone else and they probably want them back.

I am not sure what your impression of me may be just because I drink milk … but if you saw me walking down the sidewalk … you would probably cross over to the other side of the street.

Happy New Year!

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LOL that is bad. Tell him java

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Actually I am about to have a temper tantrum like a small child to start off the New Year. No one is my “best friend” anymore … and I am going to “flag” everyone.

I wish “Ironman” was here … :frowning:

Actually me stopping being a gentleman was one of my New Year’s Resolutions … I want to be a “bad-ass” for 2016 … (insert “Bad-Ass Grin” here) … :wink:

“Thor” is a mythological “Norse God” in the days of ole. “Thor” is also a super-hero in the “Marvel” comic book world. “Ironman” is another “Marvel” super-hero.

I am mixing up my references to try and confuse you ladies to try and gain an upper advantage I will never attain … ;(

Wow 2015 sure was rough … sigh … :o

Do I have to put my "Mod hat" on?

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We're here 4 minutes into 2016 in the Mountain time zone. Happy new year everybody!!!!

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@java you too Java. Let’s have a good one!!