you can be lonely in a room full of people . I wonder do some people get so lonely could it eventually drive them to suicide ,

Feeling alone is definitely enough to drive someone to suicide. You are correct you can feel alone even when surrounded by others. I often feel this way.

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Oh hun, I am so sorry you feel this way, I often feel like it is so hard to find friends as adults and when I do find them, it is hard to find time to hangout.

I understand Sasha. I too feel constantly lonely, and no longer work due to Fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression, among other things. Not as if working relationships helped much, bcs most of management and coworkers were toxic and bullied me. I joined this group today looking for answers to another affliction which I self-diagnosed, which is shopping addiction. I then began looking around and found many subcategories I could relate to, including loneliness. I can’t offer much advice other than to search out your local community for mental health support groups (I can’t get to mine bcs of physical issues, or I’d be there) or hobby groups such as ceramics or dancing, etc. Also, having a pet or two can really help. Pets stay loyal, not like people who ghost when they’re needed the most!

Just wanted to say hi and welcome!