It has been a very long time since I have posted anything here. For the past couple of months, they have been going great until today. Today has been the worst because I haven’t felt a failure in a long time. Nobody has my back and nobody believes in me. My parents think everything I’m trying to do is dumb. Honestly, I have never been so alone in life

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I’m so sorry you are feeling this way. I want you to know that I believe in you. You are stronger than you know, you reached out for help all by yourself. I wish for you to remember all those great days over the last couple months and now that life is very much a roller coaster and the upswing is coming!!
I’m here for you and rooting for you!! Woooop!

I’m so sorry you feel like you are right now but even though I don’t know you at all I believe in you. You can keep doing this!! :slight_smile:

Hello @Fifty97,

We are sorry to hear that this is going on. It can be incredibly challenging, discouraging, and overwhelming to have the people we love most make us feel unworthy or, as you said, like a failure. We understand that being in this position is hurtful. We just want to remind you that you are NOT a failure. People might not understand your path, but as long as you do, why stop based on other people’s opinions? You are worthy of respect. We are here for you! With love, SG

There is always someone rooting for you, even if you don’t see it immediately. Writing here takes courage and bravery, which you are doing well in I see :slight_smile:

Thank you for trusting us. We believe in you, and it’s important you believe in yourself as well.