Lonely all the time

I live in a house with five other people and when i was younger i lived in the house with seven other people, but i always feel/felt lonely. Sometimes i find it to be very surprising how im mostly surrounded by people but i feel so alone. The only way for me to deal with it of course is to retreat to my mind where i find comfort so i normally find myself talking to myself for the most part of the day. No one in my family likes to listen to me because they say i dont talk about things that interest them even though i listen to them when they talk all the time including the times they talk about things that dont interest me at all. My mother is very harsh with me since my diagnosis of schizophrenia and some people have become fairly distant with me its like they all are happier without me thats the way it seems to me anyways. So loneliness is nothing new to me i live and breathe it everyday but sometimes i like it.


sometimes we are all alone in the crowd this isnt a bad thing it just means we dont get pulled into the flotsom and jetsom of others lives.

a few of us are content with our own company and thats always a good thing to have to be able to fall back on your own resources at times.

i wouldnt worry too much about others adn where they are at just concentrate on yourself at this moment in time

as always loving thoghts and posiitive vibes
D :)

Dear friend, it is very normal what you feel. Sometimes, the people that are close to us are the least understanding and compassionate, not because they are insensitive, but they are so involve with their own problems, so they do not realize they are neglecting those who need their support. Please, have hope and trust God with your heart you will feel better. God bless you always.

Shanese 1992 , I feel exactly the same with my family.
but I admit I'm a boring person in general . These days I don't talk about anything but schizophrenia ,I read alot about it, and want to share what I know with family but no one is interested .I'm a good listener though.
I feel alone too ...what we experienced is special I think,
turn it in to positive , make it your own thing , write it in your diary, may be it will be a book someday , if not you'll find your history written and it might help another schizophrenic .

Thanks. Thats a really good idea i never thought of it that way

Hi Shanese1992, I'm checking to see how you are doing and how you are feeling? I hope that things are progressing positively for you.

Ive been doing fine beside a few minor set backs. Thank you for the check up.

I know it's easier said than done, but we must find within ourselves what makes us happy. If we can find God, love, peace of mind, comfort being within our own skin....whatever it may be: it will make us happy enough that it doesn't matter if we are alone, we won't feel lonely. We suffer from deep depression, more than it is loneliness.
No, I have no friends, but I have accquaintances, and that's a good start. No, I have never been in a true relationship let alone a lasting love relationship, but as long as I am comfortable within myself I don't have to RELY on another person to make me happy and whole. I would love to just be loved, but not dependent on it. No, I have no job and I'm on SSI, so it's hard to find work and satisfation with work, but I can give to the community and do service. There are other alternatives than what the "majority" of people do.

Well-said Play-Doh! I feel exactly the same.
I come from a big family too.....had all the usual drama of growing up in a big family....I have scars from that time, issues that I've still not been able to overcome. People in the family do take me for granted, there is always someone else more popular, more successful etc. It hurts but beyond a point, u need to get thick-skinned and not care about other people's perceptions of u. U might not be the most interesting person out there....but neither are they. So their opinion shouldn't matter at all.
Loneliness has it's perks some times. U get to spend time with the most important person in your life....YOU! Try figuring yourself out....your strengths, your weaknesses, how u can overcome those....your passion, your hobbies.....if there's any scope of improvement, tackle it head on and do it for YOU! So don't lose heart over this.....there are loads of people who care for u too....maybe you've met them, maybe they are a part of a future you haven't yet encountered, so live with hope and faith. Good luck.