Long time co-dependant recovery

Hi: i have been in recovery from codependancy since 1990. I was married at the that time with three very yonge daughters.

I had be a relapsing recovering alcholic since 1984. That means I could not stay sober and drank.

After starting my codependant recovery at CODA meeting my othwer addiction fell into place and I have been sober for over years.

My marriage did not last through I gave it every effort for a year and a half.

I got sole custoby of the three daughters and had to stay in recovery for my codependency.

So my codependant recovery is actully longer then my alchol addiction recovery by a few months.

It does not always feel like I am recovering but during through times there is actually more growth happening.

I would like to help others(just like a codependant)to move forward and take care of them selves for the first time.

We look forward to you sharing more posts on the subject & helping to guide/teach/support others here.

Take care of you.


Today was a good day with no issues with my codependency.

I went out with my girl and our best friend and we were able to support each other and help each other.

My girl and I got two male kittens recently and they have been a big expense.

The friend that was with us today needed our help with paying her son's late payment of a traffic ticket so I was able to that.

I helped my girl and my daughter 26 with boundary issues and now their have boundaries and are talking to each other again. They both had to go just over 24 hour not talking to each other before a they found a resolve.

This boundary work was very effective and prevented both of them from wounding and hurting each other with words.

It does work

Love the boundary portion as I've worked on that the past 2yrs. has been successful w/my 2 boys 18 & 26 but not w/my husband so I'll continue anyway whether he responds, gets it or not, GOOD for me.

What are the kittens names (just for fun)?

Kittens names are Timmy and Socks and the other new one belongs to my daughter’s boyfriend and her name is Misty.

I had a quiet day

Good night

Cute names..... & I like quiet days more now then I use to.