Looking for help

Hi there I have been doing coke for 11 years now and an finaly trying to quit but don't know were to turn to if any body can help

You absolutely can conquer addiction to cocaine!!! I will be more than happy to be there for you to listen to help in anyway I can. I am proud of anyone who decides that they want to shake such a nasty habit. Just remember the reasons you have chosen to quit what your driving force is. The withdrawal will be difficult if it is a consistent habit, but you must remember that no matter what you are stronger than a man made substance. The best thing to do is to walk away from anyone associated with the stuff. Delete numbers change hang out spots and separate yourself entirely. I kicked an addiction to roxy's nearly two years ago. Its hard to lose all of those people you have partied with for so long, but if you want to make that positive change in your life then you must make some difficult decisions. I know I have my issues... woah baby do I, but I'm here should you need to talk.


you need to tell someone you care about, and they will help you

you have already taken the first step. start with talking about it. the rest will come with time and effort. just remember that you are important without drugs. i am on day 16 clean myself. i have been a user since i was 14. it is far from easy, but the rewards of getting clean are so much greater than the sacrifices that we make to get high. i hope you continue to post here, and let us know how your journey is going. just stay positive, and if you need to talk. i am always here to listen.

I'm only 2 days clean so no expert but by coming on to this site and looking for help from people that know your situation is a great start.

Wish you all the best.