Looking for some advise on moving my mother who is 85 in wit

Looking for some advise on moving my mother who is 85 in with us. She has had dementia for a number of years but has done fine living alone up until recently. She lost driving privileges this past April. She's left home twice walking to the cemetary to visit my dad grave. Didn't make it there either time. Last Saturday when she left walking she fell one block from home and the rescue was called. She was ok but I'm afraid of her wandering again. I still want her to go to the senior center and eat 3 days a week and will line up drivers for that. I just don't want her sitting around here all day as I feel she will get depressed and give up and I work out of the home 2 days a week and in my home 2 days a week. My husband is retired and is usually around. I feel pulled in so many directions. Some people say move her in with you. Others say.....leave her in her home as long as you can because it will change your life completely when she comes to live with you. I don't know what the right thing to do is. I feel like that's what family is for. For some of you that have been through this what is your recommendations/thoughts? Thank you

I dont know what is the better answer. But i do know an environmental change for the dementia patient is rough. Seems they get stressed easily and many dont acclimate well. Sounds like your mother knew where she was heading but became confused along the way. Can you maybe trial run a caregiver going to her home? The senior center thing wasnt for my introverted parent. But everyone is different.

Upon rereading your post, im thinking a wandering patient shouldnt be left alone. So maybe a move towards 24hr care is best.