Looking for Support Books

I am in the process of divorcing my husband of 14 years. I am the one who filed for divorce and I am looking for books that will help me out. I have tried reading some books, but they seem to be for the person who did NOT file and is biased towards that end.

I left a marriage that was no longer safe for me. My husband is an alcoholic and drug addict who was emotionally abusive. While I am the "divorce-er" - I am also a person who needs advise and support. I made this decision for the children and myself after fighting with my husband to get help for a number of years. Finally, I had enough and left him when he kept choosing drugs and alcohol over his family.

Any suggestions?

I am floundering and looking for advise and support. I also have an Order of Protection where the kids and I are currently the protected parties.

Again, I am looking for books that will offer advise for the stronger woman who isn't the unwilling victim, but the empowered woman...

Getting thru it... I dont know any books to recommend but I do understand what you are going thru. I have been married 12yrs and my husband is also a drug addict. And has chose that life over all others. I didnt know that he was doing drugs. I have never really been around people who are on drugs so I didnt notice that the changes in him were do to this. He has moved out over a month ago and at first we were speaking friendly. But as of now I have not spoke to him in two days. We were to speak on Wed night over the phone but of course he didnt answer the calls. So sent him text that when he was ready to stop playing games to call. I am going to file but I dont even know where he is staying. We dont have any kids together. But there are other responsiblitys that we need to work out and of course that is not happening. It hard dealing with someone who is not in there right mind. Not only that but how little they care for anything else. Stay strong. I know we will both come out of these experiences stronger and wiser.

Divorce is a very difficult situation, it is only with time you will understand how to sort out your life. The books are nice, but your life is only your life. There is no real formula for this solution. With time and with a help from your family or your friends you will have a good live with your children. If you have time, say a prayer every day and emotionally you will become stronger. God bless you and your children always.

http://www.divorceinfo.com/ Its overload but offers alot of unanswered questions you may need answers to. Be empowered.

Take care of you.


Coming from a child of divorce, I have no idea how it feels to be divorcing someone. I could only watch what my parents went through. If there is anything I learned from the whole process, it is to keep your children in mind. Being such a difficult time for my parents, I felt like the children were placed on the back-burner. This will be just as difficult for them as it will be for you. I often needed that support from my parents and didn't receive it. It has been 5 years, and it is still something I have to deal with everyday.

nmdaniels, very true & even when having relationship issues from one party or the other party the parents focus will be taken off the children cause one parent cant be focusing on damage patrol while trying to keep focused on the children & themselves too, it is ashame & does take a special person to truly learn & know HOW to handle such delicate matters & it usually starts from the time we are raised & the environment we're raised in.

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