Losing a friend ):

Friday I got a 2 week old baby pup, but It charged my sister so tomorrow I have to him back to the pound! This hurts so bad ..,

Even if he is 2 months old - puppies play :)


Awwww…Thank you Tawny~

I've been doing some reading about pets so I can be a good owner when I finally get one, and I've heard that dogs really shouldn't be separated from their mothers before around seven-nine weeks (the number varies from source to source). Separating them too early can lead to behavioral issues down the road as they miss out on learning proper socialization from their mother and littermates.

Do you have a no-kill animal shelter in your area? They seem to be pretty discriminating in which dogs they take, since they're committed to keep the dog until a new home can be found. Plus the people there can help you find a dog that is well suited for your living situation.

This has to be a mistake, I've raised many litters of pups, and at 2 weeks old their eyes are barely opening most of the time. At 2 weeks old they can barely roll around and crawl to find a nipple, let alone charge. Also I doubt any pound would adopt out a puppy of this age, they are still nursing. In California I believe it's illegal to even sell pups before 8 weeks old, you can take a deposit, and let them pick out a puppy from the litter, but they can not pick them up until they are 8+ weeks.

Northguy is right about dogs that are taken away from their litter before 8 weeks old, they are often biters. At that age when they bite a sibling they hear the yelp, and learn not to bite, or get bitten back, and learn it hurts. You can't even realistically give a puppy a temperament test before 7-8 weeks old.

Keep the puppy, buy a dog training book, and get your sister some shin guards.

Yea he needs to be trained some..
I own 6 dogs myself
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He is my friend for anxiety

We decided as a family we wanted to give him a second chance :)

so, I hope he is actually 2 months old? Puppies are going to misbehave. That is their nature. We have to teach them otherwise. Please be patient with the little guy, because it won't do any good for anxiety to have to bring him back! good luck!

Yes my mistake