Lost focus

I have tended to stray away from recovery for the past few weeks and the eating disorder is coming back with a venegeance. I really want to get better, but I feel like I would have to start from square one. Any pointers on ways to get back on track would be nice...

Take step by step and do not put pressure on yourself. When it is done willingly, in time you will achieve your goal. God bless you.

thanks marcie

I used to have one. Every now and then I find myself going back to it. The best advice I can give is set small steps and reward yourself. Find one person that you can go to for support whenever you need it and be completely open and honest about it. I know I would be willing to help if there is anything I can do let me know. Good luck!

Pink...what was helpful for you when you were doing better in the past? What is different now, and how can you deal with your emotions, and still keep your eating/food behaviors separate? This is the key.
Can you reconnect with a therapist, if you had one on the past? Perhaps journaling would be helpful.
I have found that tangible steps, a plan of some sort that can actually help you know you are making progress can be helpful and motivating. Have you ever attempted to follow a meal plan?
What do YOU think you need? Take care, and please keep sharing....Jan ♥

Jan, I am actually meeting up with a nutritionist on friday to establish a meal plan because I think that is what I am lacking the most. I really want to get better and I think that establishing mini goals along the way can help.

Pink...good for you! One step at a time...you will get there! I was once told that not moving forward is not standing still, it's going backwards. I don't know that I agree that is the case all the time, but I do know that continuous movement, even cautiously, can make all the difference in the world! Keep it up with those goals! ♥