Lost In life

Hello Everyone, I'm new to support group and i was looking for someone to listen and maybe have some advice for me. I'm 44years old and I have no life. I've been unemployed for almost 14 months now and it's driving me crazy. I can't seem to find anything out there, and on top of that I spend all my days and nights alone. I sit in my room all day crying and wondering why this is all happening to me. I've been mistreated in not 1 or 2 relationships, but all of them. I feel that I'm a good person and I would do anything for anybody but i can't get the same in return. I just don't know what to do.


hey cee! welcome to the site!

i am truely sorry that you are struggling so much but being on this site now you are not alone with it. this is the place to get more support and understanding than you could ever imagine.

i am newly unemployed right now too as due to my varius mental issues i couldnt do my job anymore. i quit in order to receive treatment; and i simply hate the thought of not earning my living anymore.

what did you do before you got unemployed? what were the reasons you had to leave your job?

you said you are alone. do you have any friends and/or family that might be there for you but you didnt dare ask yet?

im here if you wanna talk, hun!



have u thought about being a volenteer somewhere local to where u live so that u can get out and about again and meet people, i know this isnt the same as having a job but u need to be out there with others who can offer u some human contact rather than being alone,

do u have any pets? a special hobby ? or just something u like to do in general?

keep posting hon

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

Hello Lonelycee :)

Its terrible to hear that you are feeling this way. Being unemployed these days isn't rare but I know that it can hit your self-esteem hard. I'm from Ireland and nobody can get a job even the highly qualified can't barely get a job, due to the economic crisis.

I agree Domestic, that getting Volunteer work locally would be great. You could wake up every morning feeling useful, and you never know you could find someone to be in a relationship with, there are many opportunities.

For a relationship, maybe it wouldn't be the best rushing to find someone to quick when your feeling this way, try your best to get your life on track and your self-esteem up and then try dating.I don't know what anyone thinks of dating networking sites but I think there ideal for shy people just wanting to get to know people ,then if they get along meet up and take it from there :)

We are all here if you want to talk! :)

A ♥

"Lost IN Life"


Now that's a major problem your describing, loss in relationships, no life, unemployment, mistreatment... what a stressful situtation your in...and the sense of urgency. The good news is that many are/were in the same boat as you and pulled their way out with time and advice... If you notice some people here have given you some good advice and will expand...so keep coming back, and let's see what some of these fine people can do in this group.
Welcome to the group! Where are you from?
Best Wishes!

LonelyCee, my heart goes out to you & your not alone as we're all here to talk things through. If need be for extra cash one can try renting out a room if you have an extra one available or taking on babysitting if that suits you better. Dog walking is alright too & helps make ends meet while getting you out a bit. You have alot of us that are alone in one form or another so we come here to talk & share our feelings. Your in my thoughts.

Take care of you.


Hello Everyone, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond to you guys, i just haven't been feeling good.I want to thank you all for your suggestions and comments. I know I'm not alone out there but it sure feels like it.I worked for the last company as a Human Resource Assistant for 91/2 years and I've been looking in the same field but everyone seems to be looking for someone with a degree of some sort. When i took on the job I had no experience i started out as a receptionist and i'm even having trouble finding a receptionist position.I just don't know what to do. Ijust want to be happy.

Sometimes even having degrees in this economy isnt enough so with all your experience in that field an employer may look at you in a better light then the ones w/degrees & such.

I'm glad your reaching out, it's a start.....your not alone. I'm so tired of crying day and night... I feel like a walking zombie. I'm sorry to hear about your loss of employment and of course your a great person, try to not be so hard on your self, you do deserve the best.... We all do. I'm always around to listen or talk.

Hi everyone
Im new on this site. I was searching for some supportgroup because I feel so lonely and depressed. I lost my job too 9 months ago and the unemployment drives me crazy! Recently I started drinking too much alcohol ( again!) which makes everything worse, except for a few hours when Im drunk. Now I have to pull myself out of the misery and reading all of your comments, even if some of them are very sad too, it makes me feel that Im not alone with thees painfull feelings of not beeing good enough and lonely.

welcome to the site susanne!
you’re definitely not alone with your situation and feelings, so just keep sharing. we’re here to support you and anyone however possible.

what did you work as? and what have you looked for since?
you said drinking too much alcohol has happened before. is it an addiction for you?

i sincerely hope you get the help you need on here!


Cee, im sorry times are so hard. but dont give up. this economic situation nowadays is just absolutely miserable but something will come up. how is your financial situation? is it quite dire? if so, could you try go for any random jobs just to get you out and at least give you the feeling of earning your living again?
or if finances are still ok, could you do some charity work? looks good on the CV too and again you'll know you're doing something precious!


Hi Maedi
thanks for ur comment. It means a lot to me to know that Im not alone. Yesterday I drank a lot again and now I have abstinences :(( I MUST pull myself together for myself and my family. It breaks their hart to see me like this and my conscience is black, black. I have anxiety and I feel comletely hopeless. Please help me to out of this drinking misery. Anyone have experince with getting out of it and struggling with anxiety?
Love Susanne

"Lost in Life" ... in general and guilty of that!

I think a great many people feel(including me) they are at the mercy of circumstances, accidents, and other people. They are usually in a state of want---wanting more from people who don't want to give it, wanting material things they "can't afford," etc. It's like they're always trying to suck their due out of the universe, and discontent because the universe won't deliver. This state of unfulfilled want paired with helplessness kills the spirit.

My biggest lesson in life to date has been realizing how much control I have over things, and that the things I want in life start in my mind, with my thoughts and good intentions. And also, that what you get from life depends directly on what you give to life. It's not about sitting and waiting for life to give you what you want. It's about asking yourself every day what you can give to life, to people, and so on.

Just a thought to share! Best Wishes!

Hi W,
i´ve been thinking about ur advice several times since I read it and it really works to think that way. Maybe Im unemployd many not the smartest woman on earth or the sexiest wife, but I have some things to offer people in my life. i try to focus on the things I can do and not on the things I cant. U know the serenety prayer?
love Susanne

Well put Woodchuck "sense of entitlement" & what positive things we pull out of the experience to learn by & grow wisdom from & pass onto others.

Susanne your very aware of yourself & thats half the battle of starting to clear out the fog & forge ahead, I admire you for that step in the right direction.

Take care of you.


Thank u April and Woodchuck for ur wise advises and comments. Today is my 1. day of not drinking so I need a lot of support and best wishes.
love Susanne

Susanne, Am sure your aware of this already, womens systems cant breakdown alcohol like mens systems can which will create more long term physical ramifications/deterioration of organs especially the liver. Keep busy honey & as you know one day at a time thats all one can ask of themselves. Start looking in the newspapers for any opportunities available for work instead of online you may find something overlooked before. My thoughts are with you.

Take care of you.


Hi April
thanks for ur support. Yes I know about women and alcohol. I think Ive read everything there is to about alcohol. Now my 1. day without alcohol is almost gone, its been a struggle but I made it !! Im really proud of myself, and u guys helped me go thru it. I was just thinking about how many of u made it and thought I could make it too.
Thank u
Love Susanne

Excellant, keep it up for day 2, stay on this site & keep talking to as many as you can, let them know what you've learned & experienced, maybe you could offer them something they havent thought of.

Take care of you.