Loving someone. Yeah,that's doeable

Loving someone. Yeah,that's doeable.

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Loving ourselves too! I was running around loving people, trees, dogs, books, music, and whatnot but I didn't love myself. BIG MISTAKE!!

@smallsteps Did you say you were loving trees??? I think if you can learn to love yourself you will find it much easier to receive love in return. Maybe even from trees :slight_smile:

You're very right. Also, trees are cool. I do love trees with a passion :)

@smallsteps Yes, trees are cool. Have you ever considered branching out into,maybe,like humans…???

Amen brother we must all hang up our super hero capes cause saving some is a thankless job

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First up,people have to WANT to be saved. Not sure about hanging up my superhero cape though. I just picked it up from the dry cleaners :slight_smile:

I tend to go with what Jesus says on this physician heal thyself

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