Low blood sugar me binging

In the past, even before my eating disorder, I would have random moments of dizziness, weakness, and spots floating across my eyes.

Yesterday I didn't eat enough. So I was eating today, normal- maybe slightly less than I should but nothing drastic, and I suddenly felt weak, light headed, anxious, and starving. I could barely walk back from class. I stopped on my way back to the dining hall and got this unintentionally huge tuna sub (its all I could eat because I only eat fish). I normally never go for tuna salad because of the mayonnaise but I just needed something. I went back and nearly ate the whole thing and then had some dark chocolate. Now I feel better but GAH I feel like I ate so much. Has anyone else ever had this happen?

Its not like a real binge. I never actually binge binge. But my version and that is what I consider my version of a binge, a huge normal person meal.

I know I am going to the gym later with my roommate so I don't feel awful but I know I am definitely going to go over my meal plan numbers because I am already super close and I haven't even had dinner yet. And I know I am going to be hungry and I won't skip the meal because that just feeds my eating disorder. And I am trying very hard to listen to my hunger. I just wish I picked something else! I will do better tomorrow and work hard at the gym. Everyday is a new start.

Do you think that if you work out at the gym and have a set calorie intake that you need to eat more because you burned it off? I was always curious about that because people always tell you different things.

Thanks for letting me rant! Any input would be awesome and greatly appreciated!


Hey Allee!!! I have been researching weight loss and healthy eating for about a whole year now, and I can tell you that eating after exercise is an awesome idea. I used to have a diet of a set ---- calories a day, and after exercise I'd always have a small --- calorie snack. Even if you're a few calories over youre goal intake, you're eating them because you are exercising! And lets face it, there is nothing bad about that :)
Keep doing what youre doing :)
- leg200 -

The only thing is, I didn't necessarily over eat but I ate way way more than I normally every would in one sitting. I want to purge so bad. Sadly there is no doubt in my mind that I would if I weren't at college with stupid communal bathrooms. I know its just the ED talking cause it is PISSED! I am so upset with myself but I am really trying to get myself through this moment. :( I am going to work out super well at the gym. But I also have dinner with my roommate and we are going to the buffet dining hall so I feel like I am never going to stop eating today because I already feel like my day is ruined. GRR

I know how you feel. If I have one bad meal, every single meal after that during that day is filled with unhealthy choices. You just have to tell yourself that there is no excuse to eat unhealthy. Even if you ate that entire tuna sub, the minute you finished it you have to tell yourself that it's in the past and what you do the rest of the day is your desicion, not the tuna subs :) Just keep positive, strong, and doing what youre doing!!!
Much love,
- leg200 -

ok leg200--- please , this is not a weight loss site and we cannot post caloric numbers on here..
this is NOT a weight loss group here--this is for anorexics, bulimics and those who also binge. and also ---- calories a day --is not enough for ANYONE to be healthy, that is not right at all!that is dangerous and close to the level when i was starving!

and also, respect the disclaimer --no calorie numbers , weight numbers, fat grams, work out hours, or numbers of any sort --we try to keep things safe here!

please alle,

ok---you are hungry and eating more because of the simple fact--you are not eating enough calories in your meal plan. ok---last week, i messed up and totally messed up my calculations for my meal paln, and ended up too low. and i was working out. so, come saturday, i almost passed out, my heart went nuts, i almost blacked out and i was like--going blind...i thought id have to go to the hospital...so, i ate everything in sight, everything--i had to --to keep me alive. ok i felt a little guilty but the fear of death wayyyy outweight a little fear or weight gain. so i did eat a good amount and felt better. but the point is --you need to recalculate what you need in your meal plan, it may end up being too low for you, for not getting enough food makes you dizzy, and is very very dangerous.
i also advise getting a calorie counter--to make sure you are eating enough--im getting one.
and yes you do have to add more calories when you work out--a good amount of calories.

and leg200 ---please! be careful! again, this is not a weight loss site, we congradulate us with EDs for eating well. your intentions might have been good, we just have to keep things safe here.

Well I have been following my meal plan, actually going over last week from stress. But yesterday I was under by almost half. I don't think it is too low. Jan made it for me. We have been slowly inching my calories up. I am way way over today though :(. I think yesterday was just due to not following my meal plan at all and the fact that I have been walking a lot which equals more calories burned. Now, however, on top of walking everywhere because my campus is huge, I am going to go to the gym. I will talk to Jan about that sometime this week and if we need to up my meal plan...which I don't wanna do. I know I need to be healthy. I think I am finally getting that.

What is a calorie counter?

well, i didnt know this--but a calorie counter is something you buy to track calories--what you eat. for me, it is important, i always guess my caloric range and end up wayy off--so im going to buy one . im guessing you can buy it at stores --maybe target i hope? im going to look into it...

i think it might just benefit you if you want to know how much you have eaten and where you are as far as your meal plan is concerned. and yes walking on campus and the gym is a lot ---just make sure to be healthy.

wishing all the best,


Oh! I use livestrong.com and calorieking.com. Calorieking also has a book. Between the two it really helps with keeping track!

good--im looking into buying one tonight--i think, i hope they have one where i am going....calorie king, yes, jan recommended that one to me, so ill look for that.

this will be good cause i really need to see what im eating and i hate doing that manually cause i hate hate math, ha.

have a good night.


I hope this finds you before you go to the gym. Isn't working out another form of purging if you are using it as a way to get rid of calories? Please don't over do it in the gym because of something you ate earlier. This is another way for ED to control your life!

no no no. I am doing it sensibly. I am carefully easing my way into working out. Plus I have a work out buddy so in no ways will my workouts become way too much or dangerous. I want to be careful. Plus Jan is having me up my calories because I am working out. I have personally never used working out as a method of purging in any extreme way. Actually, in the past working out actually helped me ease into recovery more easily then just eating, so I think it will help.

Thank you for all the input!!!


Allee.... first of all, I think you are asking a lot of really good questions. Each body, depending on size and energy burned in workouts/living etc, needs different amounts of calories to fit their specific needs and goals. You might talk to a nutritionist or go to a gym and talk to someone their about finding out about how much you should be consuming each day.
I feel like reading these posts, what I notice the most is that there seems to be a lack of balance between healthy eating and exercise. I have been into fitness as long as I can remember and can say with 100% assurance that my ed has nothing to do with working out... this may not be the case for most but I think it's important to keep in mind that physically exerting ones self is very important in maintaining a healthy heart/muscles/lungs/etc. It keeps our bones strong and can provide one with a great release of aggression/frustration etc.
I know that once I allowed myself only certain amounts of time in the gym, this helped me with balancing my workouts in to my life.... maybe setting a time limit would help?

Stay motivated! I'm thinking about you and praying that balance is brought to all of us!


Yes, CalorieKing has a great resource book to track calories, and for eating out. Please remember to track them for the right reason...recovery!! You are doing great, Allee!! Take care...Jan ♥

CC–love you and wish the best! hope all is well!

i , too am looking to buy calorie king…


in response to britasully---yes working out can be a form of bulimia, as in excercise addiction. i have that. i have had to stop working out cause i was killing my self last week, and almost passed out and my heart became erradic. i was so ill i felt like death. so--what i did was up my calories and not work out for a week. ok---since i have an excercsie addiction---if you can imagine the suffering i am in right now cause im not working out--but i did it as a pact to myself to get better. i AM freaking! ughhhh words cant freakin describe, all i want to do is work out..but by writing it down, it kinda helps and yes i do use excercise to purge my calories... i thought it was ok in my head to do, now i understand it was ED hanging on...
ok--i did a slight workout today, but it was really small and not much at all. i just had to do something! ugh

but the thought of me going into the hospital and being near death agian like i have been before, shocked me back straight. i will end up in a wheelchair if i keep on like this.
i really hope i can make the week...sigh...

on a positive note, im becoming more willing to eat more and also unsafe foods....my fear of food really isnt all that bad anymore--it is there, but that is fading. i know i need to food to LIVE. without it, we DIE. simple as that.

in fact this weeknd i was to get something fun , like mexican or something or an ice cream. but the working out problem? is killing my mind!

anyway, sorry for the ramble but brita is right in that us with ED can use working out to purge our calories.

which allee, isnt to say that is what you do, that is what is going on with me....
and allee, yes it sounds like you are trying really hard and doing great!


Allee, I just want to echo what other people have already said: remember that you need to eat enough, don't work out as a way to "compensate" for eating, and be careful about when and why you use calorie counting resources. It can be a very helpful thing, but it can also quickly turn into an obsessive way of bowing down to the disorder. I'll admit it's something I do a lot, but I know that I'm going to have to work on it really hard if I ever want to get past just surviving my eating disorder. Right now it's ruling my life. :-( I would sure hate for that to happen to you. Keep fighting!