Lymphadema hmm i look at my leg and stare some more i look a

lymphadema hmm i look at my leg and stare some more i look around me and see all these wonderful relationships people have holding hands cuddling me myself is hard to find someone because of my huge leg due to lymphadema i ask myself whats wrong with me its just a leg not my heart i didnt choose to be in this state of being that i am in . what makes me laugh is some say its the inside they look at and i frown almost in tears because if it was the inside they looked at they would over look this of what i have any ways i just wanted to vent a little and ty all for hearing

Hugs my dear!

Hugs to you. I too have big legs. Lymphedema makes me feel very unattractive sometimes. However, I have a true love. We've been married for 15 years. People can look past a big leg. You just need to find someone worth waiting for. It'll happen.

that is awesome

Hopefully you will find the love of your life. I'm in the same boat. People can be very superficial. But there are people out there that truly do look at what's on the inside.

Jeff, I felt the same way for yearssss, then I met the love of my life. It will happen as the cliché goes..."when you least expect it ". They are so supportive, understanding and even suggested having a seamstress add extra fabric to my pants. I had never even thought about it. Made my self esteem soar. Hang in there buddy.