Made the Appointment

I found out that my school offers a number of health care therapists and nutritionists that are available to students. I have been delaying making an appointment out of fear and also that they charge your account so my mom would see.

I did some research and found you could pay in cash so no one would know. I asked the advice nurse online who I should go see for eating disorder relapse/depression/stress and they gave me a name and how to set up an appointment and I did it! My appointment is next wednesday. I am so nervous she is going to judge me and think I am lying or something. I also need to go find the building so I don't wonder lost before the appointment but my roommate said the building is fairly close.

This will be the first time I ever go to see someone face to face for my eating disorder....


WAY TO GO!!! I know that first appointment can be very intimadating but you can do it!! If you're like me you'll go over days before your appt so you can stake out where the office is and then on the day of said appt arrive at least 15 minutes early for paperwork!! I hate to get lost trying to find some place!!

My thoughts and prayers are with you!! Don't be worried about the therapist/counselor judging you. Their job is to HELP you and listen to you not judge.

Love, Cathy

Yeah, I am like you. I probably will go searching for it this weekend after looking at a map online. And I am always early. If I am on time that is late. haha

Thanks for being so encouraging. I am so nervous though. I have heard horror stories of people at therapy that will say oh well your not underweight, or aren't you supposed to be skinny. Cause I am normal looking so I am afraid they will think I am lying. I just cant stop thinking of everything that could go wrong.



CONGRATS! I'm so proud of you <3
I can understand how scared you must be, but I know you can do it! If you really explain all your feelings to this person I'm sure they will help you!
Maybe even make a list of things you wish to tell the counselor so you don't forget. Tell her about your history, your support system right now, and anything else you feel necessary. Just be open towards her, if not, she won't know the extent of your illness and it won't help you either. And it's OKAY to cry! I used to all the time during appointments. This is an emotional topic, and you're allowed to be emotional.

I was often afraid when I told my counselor something she would judge me, but she never did! She always made me feel better about myself, even if what I had told her was a negative thing. I hope you can find the same thing with this lady :)

And remember, when you walk through those doors to your appointment, we're all with you in your heart cheering you on <3
Paige xoxo

This is really great. I wholeheartedly support seeing a counselor/nutritionist. At the very least it'll be a new set of ears that can listen to your struggles and share ways to battle this disease!!

Best of luck to you. I'm still trying to find someone locally and/or a support group-- that can also fit into my schedule.

In the meantime, its this website that's my support. :)


AWESOME! I know it's intimidating, but I'm guessing you'll find it's a really great thing. I know my counselor has certainly helped me (as have the other professionals I've seen), and I've had very good experiences through my school's health services and counseling department. Be sure to let us know how it goes!

Thanks everyone for the support! I am so nervous but with you guys being so encouraging I am feeling a little better about next weeks appointment. :)

TrueImage- Im glad to hear that your school's health services helped you!!! THat is super encouraging to hear. The last time I even looked for help was my high school therapist and she let me down and hurt me so much. I just never want that to happen again.

I will definitely let you know how everything goes!!! THank you so much everyone :)


I’m so sorry to hear about your school therapist. Grrr. It drives me nuts when people in a position of trust hurt those in a vulnerable place. And then there are the stories you sometimes hear about doctors who aren’t well versed in eating disorders! Ugh! At least MOST of them are better than that, though… Those few who aren’t shouldn’t spoil the whole idea though, and I hope people will always be brave enough to do what you did and go ahead and make the appointment. :slight_smile:

Good for you Allee! I know this wasn't easy for you, but you deserve to get some help, and to have someone to talk to face to face about how you are feeling. Take a deep breath! HUG..Jan ♥

Congrats beautiful already know I am so proud of you, but I will tell you again. Hang in there. You are gorgeous and an amazing inspiration. You have such a sweet and tender heart and you WILL be free of this one day SOON and you will travel and change the world one day! :) love you honey! *Kasee*

uuuugh! Highschool Therapist!!!! I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised at how helpful the nutritionist and therapist will be. I am always terrified the first time I see a mental health specialist. Terrified of what they will think. But the truth is, they have heard it all already and what you are REALLY terrified of is what YOU think.

That comment about your mom and not wanting her to see the bill. I say this with love, but, who cares?! From your earlier posts is sounds like she was a huge contributing factor to you having an eating disorder in the first place. Even though I say that, I understand not feeling ready to "open that bag of worms" with her. Do what you have to at this point and deal with that later.

You are amazing! You are going to make it! I can tell!

this is awesome , girl! and i heard you say on your other post--did you make an appointment for a therapist also? this is great news alle!


Maureen- Uh well I don't know what to call her because I haven't met her yet. The nurse just set me up with someone that would help me deal with my eating disorder. So I am not sure of her title. I will let you know what it is after wednesday.