Major Progress

So this week I started a new job. I am in charge of about 10 employees and lots of kids every day. There is so much new information coming at me that I haven't been able to sleep much and have a bit of a cold from the new environment and stress. I love what I am required to do every day in my job. I feel important and needed. The best part is that I have been so busy that my ED thoughts are basically gone. I am so much better at disagreeing with my ED and not doing what he tells me to do.

I had a discussion with my husband a few days ago about how I could not have done this job a year ago. It takes 100% mental focus for about 6 hours of my day. When I was stuck in my ED I would not have had the energy or concentration to be doing this. It feels so good to know how much healthier I am now.

I think at this point in my recovery distraction is essential. I'm going to do my best to just live my life and not think about how I'm doing in recovery. I know in time everything will work out.

This is so great to hear!! I am so glad that you are loving your job and that you are talking to your husband about things. Keep talking, because you know how stress can be for your ED. He can help :)

You are such an inspiration :) I wish you much luck at your new job!!! Stay strong :)


this is sooo amazing brita!!!!! ooh, i so want a job now but am not ready quite yet . but i need a distraction like this as you mentioned.... so im thinking of college, but in this winter cold and the fact i dont have a car now, is kinda like making things hard..but im going to figure something out..

this is great brita! iti s great to start to look into our minds and hearts and accomplish something productive ---so that ED s voice gets smaller and smaller


Maureen you can go to college online!
I am getting my master's in education through Walden University and its completely online. No commute! There are great options out there just make sure its an accredited school. It will provide you with lots of distraction as each class usually takes about 10 hours a week. Let me know what you decide to do!

i sooo thought about that BUT i dont know of any online colleges that have financial aid cuz i looked but community colleges do... so ... that presents a problems... but a great idea--maybe there are online colleges with financial aid???


Yes Walden University has financial aid. I think most accredited schools do.
1.University of Phoenix Online
2.Kaplan University Online
3.DeVry University Online
4.Ellis MBA Program
5.Baker College Online
6.ITT Technical Institute Online
7.Keller Graduate School of Management Online
8.Westwood College
9.Capella University Online
10.Anthem College Online

And thats just the top 10. Check them out to see if any have the program that interests you.

I promise you wont be disappointed by gaining higher education. And you don't even have to leave your house!