Making a new support group for people who've lost their drivers license

I've lost my drivers license for 3 months and was looking to see if there were any support groups for this.

I actually live in British Columbia, Canada, where you can actually have your license taken away for a minimum of 3 months if you have 2 speeding tickets in a 5 year frame.

I would think that there are people in the US who have had their stories of how they've had their drivers licenses revoked and how it affects your job, your family, seeing you kids if you're a single parent with children, how if you're on a fixed income you cannot afford taxis, how if you have no family around it just sucks, how if a person like myself is depressed, how not having your license makes it that much harder to try and get out when your already prone to being isolated - there are alot of feelings that go along with losing your license, if the people who make these decisions could reply that would be great.


Also, if there is anybody who has had their license taken away, from their experience, without proper ground, I'd just like to hear your story. I know that nothing can be done in my situation except to just suck it up, but what I do know for sure is this: having your license taken away can actually cause depression, and, if already depressed, really can do a number on you.

myself, babsbro

When I was in my mid twenties I lost my license for 2 years. We relocated to place that was closer to my job. We had to move anyway since my mother kicked my husband and I out of her house. To start with I walked to work then I was able to borrow a bike from my in laws so I could ride it to work. Later on during that time my husband went into the service. I moved to be with him. I still was without my license. I packed my stuff and I took a bus to where he was at. Once there, I either had to take a taxi or get a ride from others. It was a pain not having my license but somehow we managed. When I did get my license back, I was more appreciative to have them back again and I could go places on my own.

driving license whats one of them???

i never had one. we use to do the shoppin once a month untill my hubby learnt to drive my father in law took us, other wise i use public transport or walk.

i did have a bike once but they are not much good in hte rain, cant hold a brolly and ride

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes

Babsbro, laws are inplace for a reason, it sucks but is a fact, its a privilege not a right & that sucks too, where I live they all drive anyway. I use to pay fines up the wazoo in my twenties, now my eyes are older & that will always slow one down (although am sure I could take out a parked car tho ugh), if you dont mind me asking, what have you learn from this type of experience? Sounds like alot from what your expressing, good for you.


What have I learned? That a drivers license is not to be taken for granted. Dont’ ever take your drivers license for granted.

Because when it’s revoked, in my case, it was 2 tickets in five years that had it pulled, nothing dui related.

It is a priviledge, not a right.

I’ve grown up leaps and bounds since this has happened.


its strange how u dont realise how helpful something is untill u loose it.
or how lost u are without it

loving thougths and positive vibes

I have never had a license. I used to get dropped of by my husband, walked or biked to work. In a 4 year period I biked over 5,000 miles. Not having a license has really effected what type of job I could get and where. It has also made people treat me differently, including a therapist who cut me down more than once for never having one.