Male Menopause.....will my marriage survive it?

It has taken me a year to finally realize that the problems in my marriage are due to my husband have Low Testosterone. I knew he was getting injections every 2 weeks but I never did any research to understand how Low Testosterone affects a person until recently. I am 43, my husband is 54; we’ve been married for 6 years. Our relationship has always been great but last year I started noticing changes in his personality. He seemed more irritable, aggressive, depressed and had a very low libido. I assumed the worst, thinking that he was having an affair. I didn’t understand why he wasn’t interested in me anymore. I finally did some research and found that it wasn’t me with the problem but instead my husband was actually going through “male Menopause”. This is something very hard for both spouses to understand especially the man. Having a low sex drive because of low testosterone affects a man physically as well as psychologically. It’s not that he doesn’t “Want” to have sex with me it’s that he “Can’t” and it has made him feel inadequate which causes other problems too. Like I said above I’m only 43 and I actually feel like I’m in my prime but my husband isn’t any longer and sadly there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight to his problem. We are now in counseling and I read that a lot of couples with this problem seek counseling and others end in divorce. I am in survival mode right now and trying everything I know to keep my marriage alive. I have even been instructed to not be intimate with him because it puts too much pressure on him mentally. Not sure which way to turn because it seems that whatever I do is wrong.

i think the best thing you can do is support him and do what you are doing, keep researching to understand what is going on. Also have you thought about talking to your doctor about treatments? or even looking into natural remedies like different foods, herbs, etc that could help? I hope your husband feels better soon, and i know it will take time but i am sure it will get there. stay strong, and keep going to counseling and writing here.