Mammogram Saga

So I got the dreaded letter to come back, this happened 4 years ago, so you would think I wouldn’t be so freaking scared, but nope, you would be wrong because I am so anxious, I mean, yes, I get it, I can’t do anything and the fear, doesn’t accomplish anything, but my brain isn’t getting the message.

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I’ve gotten a letter before to come back in again and it was false once. I did the second one. Don’t worry it happens alot to all women.

It happened 4 years ago, but God it is so scary. I know I have to get it checked out yearly, but it is like the worst thing ever. Ok, enough about me, how are you?

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Pretty good. The trees and flowers are blooming and Spring is here so i am feeling happy. I love this time of year it’s so pretty seeing all the spring colors.

Yes we have to get screened each year it’s very important. The Mammogram with Bone Density X-Ray is the best. That is what they tell me.

Think positive vibes only. I am glad you are doing your part in getting your exams and going back in for a re-check.

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You got a letter to come back to the doc bc of the mammogram? It could indicate something bad? I fear having a mammogram, i kinda refuse to do it because there is no way in hell that is the best way to do it. I understand the fear.

Breathe deeply and slowly; feel your body relax - find every little muscle and let it go slack. Anxiety feels awful, but it is a harmless sensation that will pass, a bit like having food poisoning :slight_smile:

Uncertainty seems to be the hardest thing for humans to deal with. Wishing you strength, resilience, and the best possible outcome of your tests.

I had my first at 35 for a baseline, then at 40 when they found something but it was benign and now 4 years later, I have dense breast tissue and apparently my lifetime risk is under the high risk category, so that is good. The waiting is what sucks, but I think since I have dense breasts, I might just have to get additional images every year. I am so glad things are looking bright and beautiful around you, you are such a sweet friend and I appreciate you talking me down from my panic. Hugs!

It could, of it could be that the image wasn’t clear as dense breast tissue makes it hard to see everything. I know it is scary, believe me, we all sit in our pink gowns in scared silence in the waiting room, but finding cancer early is worth it. So many people on my dad’s side have or have had it, so I do it this way until they find a better way. But let me tell you, go to a breast center, they are so kind and it really doesn’t hurt, I have gone to just imaging places and there is a HUGE difference.

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Yes, exactly, it is the uncertainty. I am breathing and just trying to be pragmatic, if it is cancer, I will deal with it, it was clear last year, so it would be very early detection, it if isn’t anything, yay, until next year.

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In case you missed my Anxiety & Panic posting, here’s a good, short WaPo article for you. Wishing you tranquility.

How are you holding up, and when is your appointment? Thinking of you…

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