Man, I'm having a lot of visions of my life as a Transgender

Man, I'm having a lot of visions of my life as a Transgender in the Marines. They emphasize fitness, and I can imagine myself that so easily as a guy. For a long time as a kid, I imagined myself as a guy in my future life. It's really easy to imagine, and I just wish it was true right now.

I was also sorta thinking about this situation. I mean, whether you are a guy or a girl, you are "stuck" in your body. But i was thinking to myself. Ok, you might enjoy the switch of the gender if it were possible. But after the switch, you will have to work hard to make your own life a success, regardless of your gender. So isn't the principle just the same, regardless of your gender? I think tho when you want to become the other gender, it might just be the same as looking at how the grass looks greener at your neighbors, thinking by yourself "oh i would love to have a better life", and we think the other gender as a escape, and something that could give us a better life. But when i look at the situation, it's awkward. Woman who want to be men, men who want to be woman. It looks like we are dead unhappy regardless of the gender that we occupy. So is it our gender, or our ability to do what we want to do what makes us happy in life? Since it is so hard to change, i cannot provide an answer to that. I just wish everyone happiness to be in the body that they want to be.

Scientifically, we don't know what causes these feelings. We can't measure thought. We can only measure brain wave activity, which still doesn't tell us a lot. So we speculate. In our minds, we don't connect our real gender with our perceived gender. Studies have shown that in many cases, when someone transitions, their mental health improves because they're happy. Brain chemicals are released to create happy thoughts because our image matches reality. Yes we would still have to make a life for ourselves regardless of gender. Biologically, and genetically, we're still our assigned gender. Our skeleton won't change drastically. The muscles may change, but not the physical bones keeping us upright. The mentality of it makes a difference. It's been said that feeling the way Transgenders feel isn't a choice. What we do is. We have a choice on making those thoughts to actions. It's an escape to our true selves on the inside vs. our unhappiness from what we are at the time of birth.