Marriage problem

my husband and i have been married for two years and have been together for 4 years. i have been unhappy for about a year now. he is not there for me emotionally or physically. i am having a hard time trying to let him know that i am unhappy. i know it would hurt his feelings. he comes from a home of broken marriages and broken promises and i feel really bad for adding to that. i dont know what to do. could try telling him dear i am feeling unhappy these days and i would like your help. letting him know what you need and rather than you don't give me this or you don't do this ....just let him know your needs without attachking him for what he does or does not do. just my experience and it does work, in my case. men being great fixers if put to him in this way he is more likely to hear you. again just my experience been married 19 years. welcome to group hun although i wish it was under different circumstances, lets see what we can do to help you guys get back on track.

heather, that sounds so difficult to deal with. i am on my second marriage of two years. it is a struggle most of the time. it is so hard to not think of myself and put him first. it is like a vicious cycle. i am unhappy so he is unhappy. he is a very emotional person and I want a man. try to find the things that makes him tick. not yourself. i am amazed at how i feel finding this site and reading the postings. so many of us are in the same boat. have you ever seen fireproof? it is a good movie for struggling and healthy marriages and there is a love dare book that goes with it. nothing will change overnight but you should see a change in him over time. i'm sure he is scared about the future and his feelings as well. it really stinks when we can not share our deepest thoughts and feelings with the one we love so much for fear it will hurt them. i feel the same way about my spouse. we can lean on each other. lots of love your way!