Marriage proposal is rushing and have some odd behaviour

so I got this marriage proposal from my parents from his parents (which is very common in South Asia). the guy seems okay. its been like 3 or four days we’ve been talking and we follow each other from instagram as well. the first thing I noticed was he follows like almost every influencer on Instagram. he literally follows only fans models and all. then the next thing I noticed was he sends me the winking emoji a lot which made me think like he creepy. he is 8 years older than me and born in 1992. I’m born in 2000. I liked him but now im kinda confused because he I already talking like we are going to marry. like he flirts with me, he says that he misses me. he wants to talk to me a lot, he updates me about his day and its been only 3 or 4 days we’ve been talking. our families hasn’t met each other and even I haven’t met him yet also. so is this weird? I don’t know how to feel or this is normal man behaviour. I was in a pretty toxic relationship before where that man didn’t care about me and made me cry a lot. so I feel like I don’t how real love feels like. but I feel like that proposal guy is kinda rushing and creepy also. what do you think? any advices?

How does this work Amy, do you have to say yes, or is this sort of the decision portion? I personally think if you don’t have a lot to go on and he makes you concerned from what little you know about him, then maybe that is your answer and it is time to move on. I am not saying this because it is more of an arranged situation, I know people who have had arranged marriages, they can turn out lovely, but there has to be some foundation of trust to move forward.