Marriage was a mistake

I wish I never got married. I am so unhappy. I can’t say anything without being called dramatic. I can’t voice a single complaint, he just gets so mad at me. I hate that I can’t just shut my whole brain off. I’m so stupid. I want to just disappear forever.

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Theres nothing wrong with ending a relationship or marriage that isnt working for whatever reason. It doesnt mean there is something “wrong” with you if you want to end it. If you arent happy then its better to do something about it, it doesnt make you less than or stupid. Its much healthier to think about it and make plans on what you think is best for you. I know its extremely hard to deal with but you will be much better off getting out sooner than later.

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there’s a youtube channel, called “manifestelle” I started watching her videos. She talks about how men devalue women. It’s not you, it’s him. And this is exactly why MOST divorces are initiated by women. This, right here. Get out sooner than later, because time is an investment. And the longer you stay, the more time you waste which is precious. The wrong men absolutely wreck your health and the best years of your life. Get out, and run so he cant pull you back into his icky mrriage trap. And do NOT get pregnant. Not with this guy, you can just tell when someone switches everything up on you once they have you “locked in”, that they will do anything to keep the power imbalanced. As long as you cant see your value, he is winning the game. He gets to have you meet all his needs while he meets none of yours except your lowest standards. This guy literally just showed you his game.

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