Masters degree frustration

I am doing a Masters Degree in History.... Question #1, History?? Really?? What possessed me!!!

My Thesis topic is the Afforestation and Betterment scheme of the Tsolo district of the Transkei. Question #2, Trees?? Forests? Transkei? Really??? Again... What possessed me! I dont even recycle (which i am very ashamed of) Why on earth did i choose environmental history!!!

So the bottom line is, I am doing a very difficult degree, in a subject i am fond of, but dont wish to pursue, with a topic I HATE!

I have 4 months to go, i have written 1 and 1/4 chapters (which, my very intelligent and fussy proff, has called 'not ****, but not great') I am no quiter.. although right now i wish i was.. and will finish this thing if its the last thing i do! But i am stuck, frozen, unable to write, unable to think about it, unable to read about it, unable to research about it! Its consumed my life... but i am unable to do anything about it!

Its very hard, my good friend and ex girl friend is going through the same thing. College esp these days is torture, its a money making institution that tries to weed out the week and see who will give more(everything). Don't expect to have a life during grad school. School is what ended me and my ex's sex life and relationship, shes going for her phD. Works 24/7 going crazy.Most importantly focus on why your going, what it will bring you after, if you think it will bring you options and the life you want, focus on that and shred the nar nar (get threw it). Its not fun and will make you crazy,thats normal, I just received my BS in Engineering, and it made me mad in the head 10101010101010100110010101010100100001001111100. Luckily very soon after it stops that feeling goes away,work isn't as hard as school(for the most part). Hope that helps, keep fighting. Much love.

Hi, tgp. I can really relate to what you're going through. I, too, am in my final few months of graduate school. If all goes well, I should be able to finish the degree by this December. I'm studying for an M.S. in Information Technology in Education. I love the field of instructional technology and distance learning but all these papers - all this analysis and reconceptualized knowledge - are challenging my enthusiasm.

Have you tried to integrate an element of compelling personal interest into your history studies? Maybe if you think back to what initially drew you to your research topic, you can revitalize your work with some personalized meaning. In the research process, maybe you have somehow disconnected from the reasons you chose your field of study. What about taking an interdisciplinary look at your topic? Maybe the social sciences or other areas of inquiry could help reintroduce personal significance for you.

Also, you could remind yourself about the value of a liberal arts advanced degree. Even if your research project right now in grad school doesn't really carry much personal meaning for you, once you have earned the degree credential, you could teach any area or topic of history in a wide variety of educational contexts. Maybe parts of the curriculum are the hoops we have to jump through to achieve the degree which will open many interesting doors for us. Maybe the ends are worth the sometimes unpleasant means.

Just a few thoughts. I hope you are doing well.