I have an addition to masturbation that I'm not proud of at all. I'm a middle age adult, and I've been doing it off and on since I was about 16 years. By the graces of God, I'm able to confess this. I have a short temper that I forget all about sometimes taking a cold shower, taking some deep breaths, going for a walk, praying and meditating. This maybe or is the reason why I wasn't successful in many relationships I've been in. Any advice?

Welcome to Support Groups & my husband of 19yrs has alot of issues w/that & yes it does interfere w/any type of intimacy/sexual relation but hes bipolar/schzoid/BPD & more w/alcohol dependency. Have you talked w/anyone, a doctor to seek prefessional counseling, behavior modification maybe? Cause the way your telling your story sounds like you sense a problem/issue & thats why your here. Most times its good to pleasure ourselves unless its taking away from a healthy life style or one is obsessing, self absorbed etc.

Keep talking w/us & glad your here.


To borrow April's status, frame of reference is everything-- so what's your frame of reference when you say you have an addiction to masturbation? In other words, how are you defining 'addiction'? To me 'addiction' is a clinical term with a well-established definition, and most of the time, when people use the word, they don't really mean 'addiction' at all, at most they mean compulsion or tendency or impulsiveness. To that end, saying you've had this issue 'on and off' for several years means that you have a personal way of determining what's 'on' and what's 'off', so how do you define this? Is 'on' when you're masturbating 5 times a day every day, and off when it's just once a day, or not at all?

I get the rather obvious feeling that this issue, for you, has a moral or religious subtext. Is that correct?