This is a great review on, the site that I'm thinking of signing up for again;

"If you’re hoping to meet someone special online, there are a lot of different dating sites to choose from. Some of them cost a few bucks, others are free. There are also off-line dating services which want to charge you as much as $3,000 for their services. If you’re looking for love online, it only makes sense to start with the site where all the people are at— is the largest online dating site in the world and is probably the most respected. Here’s our Review. has an enormous membership. In 2010 alone, more than 500,000 singles found a meaningful relationship through’s online personal ads. The company has been around since 1995 and serves more than 15 million singles across 240 different countries. If you’re going to try to meet someone at the bar, you don’t go to a dreary bar filled with old men. You go where the action is. This is also true with online dating. If you want to meet someone, go where the people are...."
        Source:, 11/20/10

I tried to join Match, but after taking their 45 minute personality test I was emailed a rejection letter. It basically said that based on my answers they didn't think I'd be a good match for anyone so they didn't want to try.

Oh, well. :-(

Planemo, anyone can join There's no personality test. You may have tried where you have to take a test and go through being approved or rejected.

Just reading your posts made me smile as I've been on & chickened out....I felt like the internet flavor of the second, then they wanted a small monthly fee to receive email & another fee for more options, but I might try it again one day as they keep the information for 1 year they said. I was curious about eHarmony though hummmmm

Oops! My mistake! Sorry Puppydoglvr. I probably was on eHarmony. My brother and his wife met on there so I must have figured it was a good place to start.

I felt the same way April! It's so weird relying on a computer to find a match for you. :-P

I have several friends who have had success dating online and met their significant others that way. Some prefer eHarmony because they feel it's more serious, whereas others prefer Match because you're not relying on a system to match you.

I am thinking of giving Match a try again, but will give it a 1 month commitment to start.

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