May i ask... during recovery is it normal or has anyone been

May i ask... during recovery is it normal or has anyone been upset/angry to the point of saying "we should end this" during a fight to their partner?
If so is this abusive?

I have said it in times of anger. I don’t know if it would be abusive. I think we all tend to say things out of anger. I have wanted to end my marriage many times due to my husband cheating but I haven’t been able to walk away yet. Are you the one saying it or your partner?

@Caligirl19 i have said it, in anger, several times. Our counselor has explained its due to me being angry and not something i mean. My partner says its abusive as she never knows if i will stay or go so its abusive. Shes spoke to her individual counselor and says its abuse so my partner now wants to discuss parting ways. So i wanted to know if i am abusing her and should just walk away.
My intention was never to abuse her at all, i thought me staying and trying is a sign of trying but am now thinking maybe i am just abusive

Your spouse’s infidelity is abuse.

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@devastatedinptbo Thank you for saying that i have felt that so much yet only my counselor seems to understand that.
After speaking to my partner it seems the moment i raise my voice about anything i am threatening and she shuts down. How the hell can i even speak! I cant help my emotions