Me 105 welcome I know divorce to me has not been easy I feel

Me 105 welcome I know divorce to me has not been easy I feel for you. i have not seen my girls in 10 months because there mom loves ito hurt me out of joy . I'm going through a custody battle as well with my kids thoghts and prayers to you. But the only way i can send a pic on here is the first one in the morning. Still trying to put one on my profile. But this is a big fish I was going to show jenn . So on that note if if your feeling down and lonely depressed feeling hurt grab a freand and go fishing .

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Nice fish!

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Thanks Citizenm it is a great lakes musky trophy one caught and released. God bless you my

@Keepinghopeguy777 WOW now that is a huge one I love it thanks for sharing I miss fishing so much.

Citizenm I was reading your profile message it is so true thank you. Definitely have to be patient with yourself because for sure it takes time. Thanks again

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Jenn you whould love muskey fishing trolling big lures like 14 inches long behide the boat and wait for the hit and the lures are so big that if you get a hit its going to be a muskey only . And there always a nice fight i use planner boards that cover like 150 ft on each side of the boat .Its the biggest meanest fish in our great lakes you whould love it.

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Nice catch!!! Regardless of wife interfering w/your contact w/daughters, keep trying to connect w/them, via Facebook, Skype, cell, or mail, your girls need both parents on their side & your stbx is only creating more toxic issues for them in the long run keeping you from them so do know that in your heart.

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@April I know I love fishing can do it all day long and that is one big fish wow

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