Meal plans?!

Hey all, struggling to stick to meal plan! I feel tht I eat so mch compared to everyone else! Can u post ur meal plans here? This is mine:

Breakfast: croissant with 3 tbsp PB; tea with 2 tbsp full fat cream
snack: large kit kat chunky chocolate bar
Lunch: large kaiser roll with chicken breast, 1 tbsp mayo, 5 slices full fat cheese
Dinner: same as lunch but meat not chicken
Snack: green tea; 1 large brownie slice
Snack: 20 pecans; prune juice

How does thus sound? Too much? Is there too much sugar? Not enough fruits? Plz share ur own plans n or comments!

A few meal ideas. I don't like eating the same thing everyday so i often will change it up.

1. Oatmeal and a piece of Fruit
2. Cereal and a piece of Fruit
3. Breakfast Smoothies
1. Chicken Salad
2. Sandwich and a piece of Fruit
3. Have one day where I eat something I want too!!!

1. Whatever my family makes. I pick a Meat, a Carbohydrate, and a Veggie!

1. Granola Bar
2. Frozen Yogurt
3. String Cheese and Crackers
4. Fruit
5. Hummus and Crackers

You have lots of options. Don't limit yourself. There is no good food/bad food. Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full (this might not work right now since you're hunger cues are off. But just stick to your meal plan and you'll be fine!) Listen to your body.

Great advice Maggie ♥ I'm also curious to see what other peoples MP's consist of...

Yes, thx Maggie!!
Plz, post ur meal plans!!!

Mary, was your meal plan constructed by a dietician?

No, my parents put me on this. Currently, finding a dietician is not possible...
Gina, is there something I should change about it? I often feel that I'm eating too much! How does it sound to u? Can u post ur own?

Oh, im not the right one to ask...I'm not on a meal plan. I'm just curious. I know Janurse knows a lot about MP's, perhaps send her a message?

hey mary,
i'd love to help you with your meal plan. i'm not a dietician but a PT and have a good knowledge of healthy, balanced and sustainable eating (i know, weird with having an ED myself). if you do want me to help please email me as i'd need to know a few more things!


Maedi, could you maybe post an example?

its difficult as obviously it all depends on physical aspects, level of activity etc.
but i'll give it a go. just all remember this is ONLY AN EXAMPLE, some might need more, some less etc.

the most important thing in any mp is balance, meaning you should get all the necessary macro- and micro nutrients.
ideal would be around 65% carbs, 15% protein, 20% fat.

carbs should mainly be complex, serving around 18g fibre a day, 75% of the fats should be mono- or poly-unsaturated.
if possible of course the 5 portions (preferably more) of fruit and veg should be consumed to get enough vitamins and minerals.

easiest way to achieve all this is to incorporate all 3 macro nutrients into each meal/snack.


oats/wholemeal cereal with milk, one piece of fruit or glass of fresh juice

handful of nuts, one fruit

(wholemeal)pasta with veg(sauce) and chicken breast/tuna/etc

yogurt with fresh berries or veg sticks with houmous

fresh salad with chicken/cottage cheese/etc and seeds

snack (if hungry)
quark/cottage cheese

throughout the day: loads of fluid, mainly water

you can see that i didn't incorporate any sweets or such but that can always be included (as deserts, as snacks etc) as it is part of a balanced diet to have treats too!

hope that helps a bit.


Typically, how many calories would this MP be? I know we're not to discuss #'s but the numbers arent in referrence to ED behaviors..

I'm kind of curious as well...

Hey....thanks for all the great suggestions here. I like that many are understanding that NO foods are bad, and that deprivation leads to bingeing, so....please keep that in mind. Please keep numbers off the site. No one can tell another what calories they need, unless they track their weight and calories for a period of time. Yes, there are parameters, in terms of what is definitely too low to sustain health, but if someone needs to restore weight, it could take twice as many calories for one person than it might for another, so that's not for us to determine. have a good variety. No one can say if it's enough or too much. If this amount sustains you, and you reach or maintain a healthy weight for YOU, then that is what is important. I am happy to offer more specific input based on what we do at the treatment facility, but only privately. Take care....Jan ♥

i agree with you jan, was just thinking before i read your post that posting calories even about this could be triggering.
everyone is individual and this mealplan is quite idealistic. to get there especially for someone with an ED will take a lot of small steps and gradual adaptation.

but again, pm me if you got anymore questions!

Thank you Maedi!! Take care...Jan ♥

I was just asking how many calories one is expected to consume when starting out a meal plan. But thats okay, nothing google cant help me with :p

Hmmmm....Google cannot know your body or what you metabolism needs are. I hope you don't follow the advice of some random Internet information. That is what often contributes to the problems presented here...take care...Jan ♥

It is good to read all of this, I am not on a meal plan just take a day at a time right now.

jan, agreed!
there is no such thing as a general optimum calorie intake. especially when recovering from ED a lot of factors have to be taken into account, often based simply on what someone can 'stomach' both physically and emtionally.
finding the right calorie intake for anyone is a matter of experimenting.
but ultimately for all of us we should aim at getting away from calories and simply giving our bodies what they need. a long learning process but worth it nonetheless!


Okay well thats why i was asking you guys for guidance but you dont want to post #'s. Its fine though, thanks! :)