Medication holiday

Taking a break from antidepressants, starting about a week ago. Feeling very edgy today, as in “walking too close to the edge of a precipice” feeling edgy. Living with someone who’s mercurial in the extreme and verbally and emotionally abusive isn’t helping (my therapist calls it “verbal battering”).

Is your therapist on board with your medication holiday?

Provisionally. He thinks the main problem is my living situation, which is not resolved by meds.
Physical work helps. Spent the morning teaching Tai chi, then all afternoon clearing grass & leaves away from the house. We’re in a severe drought, and there’s a 4,000+ acre fire just north of us.
Going alone to visit a friend down in Georgia for the day.

I am so glad you have things to do outside your house and away from the person your partner has become.

I hate feeling depressed but I always worry about taking antidepressants because I feel like the reasons I have depression is because of very depressing situations in my life. I have never taken them because I worry its not actually solving the root cause. Maybe they would help me to feel better but I just worry about side effects. I know your situation is extremely hard Piobaire and I hope you are doing ok. Stay strong my friend.

Now 5,335 acres, but IT’S RAINING!

Just our thoughts, if your kids where dealing with depression and their doctor said, we think a antidepressant would help, even if you couldn’t completely make their life bright and beautiful, would you give them the medication in hopes it helped make their life a little better? -SG