Meeting Up with Jan!

Ok friends, so Friday is here! TGIF! and Jan is coming in--wow, 8 hours! wow. Im so excited, nervous,and so happy!...

I cant beleive it! Im actually meeting someone I have been conversing with on here--for almost a year now. Amazing! and she has helped out not only ME but so many on here ....

and---YEA---my birthday is on Monday(my real birthday!)

so, it is amazing to meet Jan on, my birthday weekend! What a gift!

sorry this is so short, friends, i just kinda dont know what to say now, except---gotta get things ready!

love y'all


Greetings from Germany!! Have a wonderful weekend, Maureen and a great birthday on MOnday!

germany! wow! holycrap! hahahaha LOL! you lucky lucky woman, you! hahahha..have fun--and have some nice german food for me, will ya????

have fun----in europe!




Wow thats awesome!!! You must have been looking forward to this weekend for awhile now!!! Have fun, you deserve it!!!!

thanks so much sonrisas--and yes i have been looking forward to it for a long time! cant wait! ha



I am so happy for you! And I am very jealous :)

I hope you have fun! And I am going to wish you a very happy birthday weekend!!!!


thanks allee! ha, i wish you were here , also! i wish, so much that all of us could meet up—but hey if there is a will there is a way. thanks so much, allee

and there is a nEDA walk in ohio coming up— i will be going to that (hopefully) . i think there are way for us —to actually met. nothing is impossible…


I am here! In Brooklyn safely, and very excited to meet up with you later! I'm so excited that I get to be with you on your Birthday weekend too!
Molly...Germany?? How did that happen? Please explain!!

See you soon...HUGS..Jan ♥

yeah jan that actually floored me, too. what an interesting day we are all having! i know molly is in europe for work , but wow! cool!
just a few hours left!

hehe.. im pooped from cleaning! ha...not even done yet...ha


Thinking of you both!! :) HUGS!!


hey jen! we tried to call you--but you texted us and said you were falling asleep,so we didnt i felt bad....the night started late...sorry , hon...

if you like i can call you tomorrow.... sorry i missed you, but did get your hug!


oh my goodness guys it was fantastic! it went too quickly though! really! it was amazing. jan was lovely, giddy, lively, full of life and energy! she seemed to love new york and captured it in pics--ha! we got quite a few pics together--even though i do look like a fat cow now...but anyways, it was wonderful, amazing, beyond words! it was surreal like she said, like a dream! i couldnt beleive this person i was talking to online was right there and i felt like i had been with her and known her in person for so long...

it did not feel like the first time we met. we went to dinner, i had a chicken dinner, and we --my fiancee, jan and i talked up a storm about ourselves. it was great. the restraunt was beautiful. it was in Little Italy in Manhattan. it was a tad snotty----but nice... we took quite a few pics in the restraunt---it was funny as heck..hhehehehe...and then we took pics outside the restraunt. i didnt want to take pics cuz i felt so big---but i couldnt turn down pictures on a day that was so special..

my stomach was bugging me. i was swollen like nothing i had seen before....and it did hurt to eat, but i did it... couldnt really enjoy my birthday cake, but i tried. waiters came over and sang happy birthday to was was amazing jan was there....what a gift...

then we went to chinatown and toured a bit of Manhattan was nice. then we went to ground zero--where 9 -11 happened..jan took pics as my fiancee explained what happened that so sad....interesting to see...

then we dropped off jan. it all happened so fast. we said our goodbyes and left for the was ----sad, heartbreaking knowing she--as well as all my close freinds on here--live so far away...but, i do beleive i will see her as well as others on here---also once again...

love you all, it was great , guys!



That's so great!! :)

I'm sorry I missed your call... I was sooo tired. Long week at work, and a busy Saturday ahead. Unfortunately, shortly after I sent the text, I had a heartbreaking call from my sister. She may be facing a divorce. :( I'm extremely worried about her. She might come and stay with me for awhile. I hope she's getting some good sleep... I can't sleep.



Jen…missed talking to you last night, but I know you need your sleep!
I’m so sorry about your sister. I know you are worried about her. How do you feel about the possibility of having her and two young children living with you?? That’s another topic all together! Have a great day…Jan :heart:

You gave a perfect summary of our evening! Except the part about you being 'so big'. ♥
Your fiance is a real gentleman, and you are true darling! I am so happy that I was able to meet you and to begin your birthday celebration! It sounds like you may be having a few more this weekend!
New York is amazing! I so loved seeing parts of the 'Burroughs', with commentary from our 'tour guide'!
I'm off to prepare for a busy day here....have a great one!
HUGS....Jan ♥

thanks jan, hahahaha…the big part–well i have gained a lot --of weight since last week when i was so thin i was unrecognizable. yes jan, the weight gain from the metabollic slowdown is happening… i havent flunctuated like this in months…

but i digress, i had a wonderful time! thanks, heehhe he is a gentleman, which is why i like older men! ha. thanks --YOU are a true darling, full of life and excitement and— positive energy. you can actually feel your positivity glow from you… it is awesome and inspiring…

yes we did have a great tour guide–didnt we? Ground Zero was sooo sad and so interesting to see…

a bad part of the dinner last night–jan it had MSG for sure, well mine did. i got all the symptoms–heart arythmias, hot flashes, naseau , abdonminal pain, ringing in the ears, and migraine…it is LETHAL for me if i take in MSG—from the arrythmias… so it was scary. i couldnt beleive it–havent had MSG in a loooong time!

ugh–sick yet again! geez…

but i had a wonderful time , a wonderful enchanting evening i wish didnt have to end…


m and j----

i can feel the warmth and excitement as i read about your experience of meeting each other in person...

thank you for sharing such a personal encounter. i'm happy that you had such a special time together...

yes, empathy has a way of connecting our souls like no other.

namaste, my sisters...

m an j

thats cute---

yes it was wonderful and empathy can connect our souls--as if we have know each other for ages....

love ya!


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i feel as---if ---i didnt capture the essence of the night in my words, cause i feel there is so much i left out being tired last night! jan was wonderful. with a glow from her spirit that was soooo--comforting...we were so excited to see one another.. it was awesome as my fiancee--and jan and i got along great. jan was an adorable ball of exctiement and energy. it was adorable...hehe... i could tell she loved NY! hahaha.... the city life was buzzing by on a crowded friday night! Manhattan was packed! ha! the neon lights were glowing, lots of little stores and knock off stores busy with life and people...the cool air of the night was thrilling....and we had a great time...

dinner was great. the restraunt beautiful and incredible--just snotty. i mean, ugh..didnt like that part. but --it was amazing. the food was good--although i had an MSG reaction to it later on, and we talked so really did feel like we knew each other for ages...

then , the waiters came out and sang happy birthday, it was funny....i blew out the tiny cake and ate most of it. tummy hurted, but i did...

then we took a tour of Manhattan and Ground Zero with our tour guide, joe my fiancee---hehehehe

we stared at ground zero with saddness.

then, we left --to brooklyn and dropped jan off at the Marriott, sad as heck i was gonna leave her...

it is still sad today. ughhhh..

heartbreaking, but friends and love travel with you wherever, and always, so...

i am a true beleiver in the fact a person can be with you but not be physically there, you know?

love ya'll